Aerospace Studies 200 Curriculum

Second Year:  Air Force Studies 200 (AS 200)


AS200, "Team and Leadership Fundamentals," focuses on laying the foundation for teams and leadership.  The topics include skills that will allow cadets to improve their leadership on a personal level and within a team.  the courses will prepare cadets for their field training experience where they will be able to put the concepts learned into practice.  The purpose is to instill a leadership mindset and to motivate sophomore students to transition from AFROTC cadet to AFROTC officer candidate.  Leadership Laboratory is mandatory for AFROTC cadets and complements this course by providing cadets with followership experiences.

Course Objectives

The AS 200 student should know the key terms and definitions used to describe the Air Force core values, leadership and human relations. The individual should know the about conflict management and problem solving. The individual should also be able to demonstrate basic verbal and written communication skills.


  • Fall Courses:  AS201 & AS201L (1 credit hour)
  • Spring Courses:  AS203 & AS203L (1 credit hour)