How to Join

So you're thinking of joining Air Force ROTC at The University of Southern Mississippi? Want to know how? It's really quite simple:

If you are a freshman or you have four years of college left, the four year program is for you. There are no prerequisites for signing up for this program and Air Force ROTC even pays for your ROTC books. If you are attending The University of Southern Mississippi, sign up for AOS 100 classes, AOS 101 in the Fall and AOS 103 in the Spring. Remember to sign up for Leadership Laboratory as well. All classes are held in the George Hurst Building on The University of Southern Mississippi Hattiesburg campus.  Remember, your Air Force ROTC books are free of charge and your Air Force uniform will be issued to you for wear while in the program.

If you are a sophomore or you have three years of college left, you have two options:

1. You can sign up for the sophomore class; or you can be enrolled in the freshman and sophomore level class concurrently.  The first option means you will have to attend Field Training (an encampment designed to evaluate military leadership and discipline, determine your potential for entry into the professional officer corps, and stratify you among your peers) for a 5-week duration  instead of the normal 4-week encampment.  Enroll in the AOS 200 classes, AOS 201 in the Fall and AOS 203 in the Spring, with the attached Leadership Laboratory.

2.  You can concurrently enroll in both the AOS 100 and AOS 200 courses, and you will be able to attend the 4-week Field Training encampment. Bear in mind that you would have to take two 1-hour Air Force ROTC classes each week (only one Leadership Laboratory though).  If you would like to concurrently enroll, take AOS 101 and AOS 201 in the Fall and AOS 101 and AOS 203 in the Spring, with one Leadership Laboratory each semester.

For both options, your Air Force ROTC books are free of charge and your Air Force uniform will be issued to you provided you meet all requirements to wear the uniform.

If you have two or fewer years remaining to earn your college degree or you are attending our cross-town (William Carey University) and you are interested in Air Force ROTC, please contact the Recruiting Flight Commander via phone at (601) 266-4468, or via e-mail at