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We hope that our resources serve as a one-stop shop for students in the College of Arts and Sciences.

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Find valuable information, links, and opportunities that will enhance your academic journey. From understanding your responsibilities as a graduate student to discovering professional development opportunities, we've got you covered.


Embarking on your graduate journey means diving headfirst into the exciting world of research. At USM, you'll collaborate with faculty mentors and contribute to your field's body of knowledge.


What Students Are Saying

Photo of Annmarie Fearing

We have traveled around the globe to sample sawfish saws, but one of the most important places we still need DNA from is Brazil. The only issue is that we are unable to ship any samples out of Brazil due to Brazilian laws. Luckily, this Fulbright Scholarship will allow me to go to Brazil to get DNA from over 100 specimens our collaborator has and do my lab work in that country.

Annmarie Fearing | Fulbright U.S. Student Program scholarship


Photo of Rachel Muggee

As a DARPA Riser, I shared my research on marine biofilms (communities of bacteria attached to submerged hard surfaces) at a conference in San Diego. I was among 30 early career scientists from across the country to experience this unique opportunity to share my research. ⁠

Rachel Mugge ’23 | Coastal Sciences PhD


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The graduate journey is an exhilarating yet demanding path. Let's prioritize your physical and mental well-being!


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