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PFTA Grant Application

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Partners for the Arts is an alliance between the Pine Belt community and the arts at The University of Southern Mississippi.


Partners for the Arts (PFTA) was established to:

 (1) support and enhance the arts at Southern Miss

 (2) promote arts education for all ages

 (3) support access to regional, national, and international arts events and artists


To be eligible, PFTA project applications must show consistency with the organizations’ purpose, program goals and must also:

  • be submitted by faculty member(s) from the art and design, creative writing, dance, entertainment industry, music, and/or theatre disciplines; 


  • programs or events in which an artist or artistic activity is not the primary focus of the event;
  • fundraising events;
  • programs or events that are commercial in nature or in which the arts are not the primary focus (e.g., sidewalk sales, food festivals, fireworks displays, etc.);
  • programs or events that serve primarily a limited audience.


Applications will be reviewed by the PFTA Grants Committee and funded based on the degree to which PFTA goals are met and the quality of the proposed project. Preference will be given to faculty who are members of PFTA.

Indicators may include:

  • Project enhances the students’ exposure/knowledge in the arts and the educational experience;
  • Project includes residency activities to enhance the audience’s understanding of the event;
  • Project enables the event to reach a new audience/students and/or build on any previous engagements;
  • Project includes the development of collaborative opportunities with other university/community organizations, which maximize the event's impact to the community and reach larger and more diverse student and community audiences. The inclusion of residency activities and collaborations will significantly strengthen an application.


PFTA’s grant program is made possible by the funding raised through memberships. Presenters must demonstrate ability to cover the balance of artist fees and program costs.

Grant amounts depend on the number of proposals submitted, proposal rank (based on the evaluation criteria), and the total PFTA funding request. Grants are typically available for up to 50% - 75% of the total amount requested. In some instances, projects are fully funded.


Sponsorship funds are to be used only for their designated purpose; if a sponsored event is cancelled for any reason, the individual who submitted the proposal must notify the Partners for the Arts coordinator of the cancellation. An alternative event may be proposed by the individual and considered by the Grants Award Committee, but if funding of the alternate event is declined, the individual must immediately return the sponsorship funds.


 To be eligible, applications must be submitted by: February 16, 2024



  • All grant applications must bee submitted to Partners for the Arts via Formstack by February 16, 2024. Please do not email any grant application directly to PFTA. 

  • Materials submitted should be in an electronic version (.pdf) ONLY. Please do not submit physical copies.



Questions should be directed to: Kate.SmithFREEMississippi