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Certificate Programs

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If you are interested in any of the following certificate program, discuss how to enroll in the program with your academic advisor.  

Undergraduate Certificate Programs

To stand out in today's job market and meet the increasing demand for specifically educated professional sales personnel, the School of Marketing offers a certificate in Professional Selling. This certificate is designed to enhance the essential knowledge and skills you must possess to manage sales and customer relationships, as well as give you the tools to become a top salesperson. Students will be able to obtain hands-on selling practice in our state-of-the-art Professional Sales Lab. 

Coursework: (12 hours) MKT 330: Professional Selling; MKT 400L Advanced Professional Selling; MKT 430: Sales Management; One relevant elective

Upgrade your skills and boost your resume at the same time. The Business Management certificate can help you learn how to effectively manage in today's fast-paced, progressively competitive global work environment. It is designed for those who want to progress in their careers, improve their leadership skills, and increase their level of contribution to the goals of their organizations.

Coursework: (12 hours) MGT 364: Human Resource Management; MGT 495: International Management; MGT 375: Introduction to Entrepreneurship; MGT 454: Organizational Behavior 

The Casino and Resort Management and Marketing certificate program helps students gain expertise in casino resort operations management. This certificate is designed for hospitality and tourism management students, as well as non-major business students who are interested in casino resort management and marketing careers. This certificate may also benefit gaming professionals or hospitality and tourism professionals who are seeking development opportunities and/or educators looking to re-skill and broaden their casino resort management and marketing knowledge. 

Coursework: (12 hours) HTM 378: Casino and Resort Operations; HTM 472: Casino and Resort Marketing; Two relevant electives

Individuals working in retail merchandising play a pivotal role in determining a company’s supply and demand projections, increasing sales and ensuring customer satisfaction. The certificate program in Retail Merchandising provides skills to make students competitive in the dynamic, consumer driven retail merchandising field.

Coursework: (12 hours) MER 300: Principles of Merchandising; MER 436: Retail Buying and Assortment Planning; MER 337:Applied Merchandising; One relevant elective

Note: Merchandising majors are not eligible for this certificate.

A strong understanding of finance is important regardless of career path in order to manage both business and personal finances. The Personal Finance certificate focuses on the skills most important to establishing a lifetime of financial wellness. The courses focus on financial decisions most relevant to individuals or small business owners and are not intended to take the place of a finance degree for professional financial management careers. 

Coursework: (12 hours) FIN 200:Personal Finance; FIN 380: Financial Analysis; REI 330: Real Estate Principles; FIN 392: Estate and Business Planning

In the era of a global marketplace, successful business leaders need to efficiently plan and manage both material and information flows along the entire supply chain from suppliers to consumers. The undergraduate certificate in Supply Chain Management is designed to deliver practical skills in marketing, merchandising, distribution and financial analysis. 

Coursework: (12 hours) MKT 370: Supply Chain Management; IET 370: Operations and Logistics Concepts; Two relevant electives

The Apparel Construction and Design certificate program offers a rich 360o approach to the ways in which apparel goes from one person's great idea to the closets of millions of people. Through hands-on learning, you can experience apparel creation from the initial design phase all the way through marketing. You will also learn how to anticipate demand by learning about the history of apparel and how society affects the way we dress. 

Coursework for Merchandising Major: (13 hours) THE 201: Introduction to Costume; THE 201L: Costume Laboratory; THE 401: Costume Design; THE 441: Costume Technology Studio; THE 460: Advanced Costume Design

Coursework for Theatre Major: (12 hours) MER 330: Textile Industrial Complex; MER 332: Societal Influences on Consumer Behavior; MER 437: Apparel Product Development

Coursework for Other Major: (15 hours) MER 330: Textile Industrial Complex; THE 201: Introduction to Costume; THE 201L: Costume Laboratory; Two relevant electives 

The certificate in Business Essentials was created specifically for non-business students, allowing those pursuing their dreams in other fields of study the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of business skills valued in every industry. Whether you are earning your degree in the arts, nursing, computer engineering, psychology, or another field, all students can benefit from a grounding in business principles, supplementing their area of expertise and boosting career options. This program is not to be pursued by business students. 

Coursework: (12 hours) BA 100: Introduction of Business; FIN 200: Personal Finance; Two relevant electives

Note: Business students are not eligible for this certificate.

Graduate Certificate Programs

This Economic Development certificate is designed to provide knowledge and skills for those currently employed or pursuing careers in economic development. The program was developed with working professionals in mind. All courses are offered in a blended format with interactive, web-based, evening classes and intense, in-person, weekend meetings. 

The main objectives of the program are to provide students with: 

  • A theoretical and practical understanding of economic development, including business retention and expansion, business attraction and entrepreneurship
  • The ability to practice data-driven, results-oriented economic development. 

Coursework: (12 hours) ED 646: Business Attraction and Retention; ED 722: Economic Development Data Analytics and Theory; ED 736: Real Estate and Land Use Planning; One relevant Economic Development elective 

The Business Foundations certificate was specifically designed to provide foundational knowledge of business on a graduate level. It is ideal for people who do not have a business background but are responsible for managing people, projects and budgets in a variety of career fields. The knowledge acquired through this program is especially useful for those who wish to seek an MBA in the future.

Coursework: (12 hours) BA 650: Marketing Foundations; BA 600: Management Foundations; BA 611: Accounting Foundations; BA 670: Finance Foundations

The Sport Security Management program is designed to provide the necessary management capabilities and knowledge needed to meet the safety and security challenges in a sport environment. This certificate is ideal for anyone who needs to acquire skills quickly to launch a new career in sport security.

Coursework: (12 hours) SM 620: Introduction to Sport Security Management; SM 626: Threat and Risk Assessment of Sport Venues; SM 628: Sport Event Emergency Response Planning; One relevant Sport Management elective

The Instructional Technology and Design certificate is designed to provide students the opportunity to explore the field of instructional technology and design, expand their professional development, integrate technology in the workplace, and obtain credentials for career advancement. Students from any discipline may pursue the fully online instructional technology and design certificate.

Coursework: (12 hours) ITD 645: Technology in Education, HCD 643: Design and Development for Performance Improvement, two approved ITD or HCD electives


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