Student Resources

The First Financial Services Center

The First Financial Services Center, created in 2001 through the generous support of the Citigroup/Primerica Foundation, is located on the second floor of Scianna Hall. Its role is to prepare students for careers in the financial services industry by providing current industry standard software that facilitates an active learning environment. 

Students are able to use the lab resources to screen and analyze firms for investment potential and generate reports from these evaluations. Other center activities include facilitating interaction between students and prospective employers and hosting pertinent research presentations by Southern Miss and other guest faculty members. As a research center, the center also provides information beneficial to the financial services industry. The center houses a student trading room, providing real-time access to current financial information, economic forecasts and industry research.

The lab is open and free to use to all business students during normal operating hours and after hours while Scianna Hall is unlocked.


401k, IRA, S&P500, GDP: You may encounter these acronyms on a daily basis while perusing the news, but like many, you may need a reference to navigate the alphabet soup. Have no fear, Investopedia provides a wealth definitions and applications of all of the important acronyms as well as mathematical formulas and applications of all of the concepts related to finance.

Mathematical Concepts

Time, money and math make finance work. This video created by the Financial Management Association (FMA) demonstrates the fundamental mathematical concepts that finance students and professionals utilize on a daily basis.

Financial Management Tips

Financial management tips from New York Times bestselling author and TV personality, Beth Kobliner.

Khan Explains Everything Finance

MIT Math and Engineering graduate and Harvard MBA Salman Khan explains everything finance, from personal budgeting and mortgages to stocks, bonds and options.

Warren Buffett's Money Advice

Money advice from investor, philanthropist and one of the world’s wealthiest individuals, Warren Buffett. 


What stocks should you buy, hold or dump? Investment advice from the pros


A different view

The state and future of the financial system and world economy as told by economists, sociologists and other harbingers


Investing in your future 

After graduating with a finance degree, you will have to opportunity to obtain certifications that will distinguish you from your peers and help you land your dream job. Listed below are various certifications within the financial services industry that are sought out by individuals and institutions across the world.

*USM is a participating member of the Corporate Treasury Management Program.