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Southern Miss Gulf Scholars Program

Projects & Research

Gulf Impact Project

The Gulf Impact Project will leverage existing university resources to facilitate research and community-based inquiry projects led by faculty and community partners.

GSP Emphasis

Livable Coasts: how might we create and sustain livable communities and environments on coasts in the midst of climate change? 

Equity: through an exploration of coastal communities and maritime economies long histories of supporting and promoting inequity (slave trade, child labor, extractive economies, income inequality), what policy initiatives, educational, infrastructure, science, cultural and/or economic initiatives might promote more equitable and just lives and communities (and/or communities?)? 

Risk, Disaster, and Security: how might coastal communities and maritime enterprises better manage risk, mitigate disaster, and enhance security?  

Defining the Good Life: how we define the good life influences how we treat others, the vocations we pursue, the policies and politicians we support. How might a good life relate to place? How might we form and support more expansive definitions of the good life that lead to sustainable and equitable societies?

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If you are a Southern Miss faculty member and are interested in working with GSP students, apply below.


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