MPH Satisfactory Academic Progress

Students pursuing the MPH degree are allowed only one “C” grade (C or C+), which may be repeated. If a grade of C- is earned, the course must be repeated and the subsequent grade must be a B- or above. If a second “C” (C-, C, C+) is earned, the student is terminated from the program (this includes a repeated course). If two or more “Cs” (C-, C, C+) are earned in the first semester of the program, the student is terminated.

If one grade of “D” or “F” is earned, the student is terminated.

A 3.0 overall GPA is required to maintain graduate status. If the cumulative GPA drops below 3.0 the student is terminated from the program.
Academic misconduct will result in a recommendation to the Office of Graduate Studies for termination from the program.