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Compliance and Ethics

Complying with Minors on Campus Policy

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University Programs

Each Authorized Adult/Program Staff member who will be participating in a program covered by the Minors on Campus policy is required to do the following:


1) Complete the form Minors on Campus Training and Documentation Access Request to request access to our two training courses- Child Abuse and Minors on Campus.

    • These courses must be completed at least seven days prior to the start date of the program or activity involving minors.
    • Within five business days of receiving the request, The Office of Compliance and Ethics will then send you a link to access the compliance system.

2) Complete the USM Minors on Campus quiz accessible using the following link-  

3) Attend annual mandatory training for which an attendance log is retained for auditing purposes: this training must be provided by the Sponsoring Unit and/or program which must include, at a minimum, the following information about responsibilities and expectations required under this policy:

  • procedures under this policy;
  • appropriate crisis/emergency responses;
  • safety and security precautions;
  • addressing medical emergencies;
  • university responsibility/liability.
  • how to report suspected child abuse in accordance with this policy
  • protecting participants from abusive emotional and physical treatment.


5) Read the Minors on Campus policy at  


6) Sign and provide to your program director the signed Acknowledgement of Understanding: University Minors on Campus Policy certifying that you have read and understand the policy

The Acknowledgment can be accessed within the Forms and Instructions section of the Minors on Campus policy


7) Programs should obtain a signed Waiver of Liability from Participants or their Parents Guardians.  To request a form, fill out the Minors on Campus Training and Documentation Access Request

There are additional requirements for volunteers


The following is required for those Volunteering (in any capacity whether they are employees or non-employees)

7) If an authorized adult is a volunteer, they will also need to complete the background check along with completing the Volunteer Data Form. *
** To access the form, you must be able to access the USM internal portal using your login.  If you are not able to access these forms, email complianceFREEMississippi 

You can download a summary of these requirements by downloading the Minors on Campus Checklist. 


** The following supplemental resources are also available to support training:

Preventing Child Sexual Abuse
Child Abuse and Neglect Signs and Symptoms

These two resources can be accessed by going to the Forms and Instructions section of the policy. 

6) Obtain a background check by completing the Request for Background Check.*  For more information about background checks, see the Annual Background Check web page


Background Checks- Non-university entities are required to conduct background checks on their Program Staff and certify that they have done so.

Training- Non-university entities using University facilities for programs/camps involving minors are required to certify that they have provided training comparable to that required under this policy to their Program Staff.

Documentation-Non-university organizations using University facilities for programs/camps involving minors shall be required to deliver the following before authorization of use of University facilities may be given:

  • A signed Facilities Use Agreement setting forth the specific facilities to be used, the dates and hours of permitted access and other terms applicable to such use;
  • A signed Safety of Minors Addendum wherein non-university organizations represent and certify that the program meets all the requirements for programs set forth in the Minors on Campus policy, including all provisions concerning training, staff to participant ratios, and background checks of all authorized adults;
  • A signed Release and Indemnification Agreement in a form acceptable to the Office of General Counsel releasing the University from all liabilities and claims for damages from any cause whatsoever and defending and holding the University harmless against any and all claims arising from the actions of the non-university organization, its employees or volunteers, and from any failure to conform to the requirements of this policy; and
  • An additional insured endorsement and a certificate of insurance written on an occurrence form issued by a carrier with an A.M. Best rating of at least A- (Excellent) Financial Size Category VII or higher which identifies The University of Southern Mississippi, its Board of Trustees, faculty, staff and agents as an “Additional Insured” and provides a minimum of one million dollars in liability coverage.  Due to the nature of some events, the University reserves the right to require additional limits of liability coverage.
    Facility Use Questions-For questions relative to the use of University facilities by non-university affiliated entities, please contact Event and Conference Services at 601-266-5292.

Policy Adherence and Reference- Non-university organizations that wish to operate programs or activities involving minors on Southern Miss campuses must ensure their programs are operated consistent with the guidelines of the Minors on Campus policy.   All contracts for the use of University facilities by non-university organizations for programs involving minors shall reference this requirement and provide a link to the policy.


Should you need further assistance, email complianceFREEMississippi