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Office of the Controller

2018 Year-End Reporting Deadlines

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10/30/2018 Deadline for all Departments

  • All 2018 Gift Card Logs


NOTE: Gift card logs have to be reviewed recipient by the recipient.


10/31/2018 Deadline for Athletics, and Other Courtesy Car Participants

  • November 2017 – September 2018 Courtesy Cars logs

11/09/2018 Deadline for Athletics, and Other Courtesy Car Participants

  • October 2018 Courtesy Cars logs


12/01/2018 Deadline for Accounts Payable/Purchasing

  • Moving Expenses
  • International payments requiring a 1042 tax withholding (scholarship in excess of tuition, honorariums, other income, etc.)
  • Gift card purchases



There will be an exception for Moving Expenses. Moving expenses paid in the month of December will be reimbursed net of tax. The individual does not lose the tax-exempt benefit of the allowable moving expenses. These individuals will report their moving expenses allowed or allowable on their individual tax return (US Form 1040). The net effect has the same monetary outcome.


11/26/2018 Deadline for Foundation

  • Gift Card Reimbursements


  • Any Additional Compensation Items


  • Please note that this includes requests for payments and/or reimbursements from the USM Foundation. If you are requesting payment for these items, withdrawal request forms must be submitted to the Foundation by November 26, 2018, due to the timing of Thanksgiving holidays. If you are unable to submit the forms to the Foundation by this date, they will need to be held by the requestor until January 2019.


12/15/2018 Deadline for ISSS

  • International Address Changes in Windstar (tax software) for 2018 Mail-out of 8233, W-8BENs,

and W-4, etc.


01/15/2018 Deadline for ISSS (same as payroll’s deadline)

  • International Address Changes in Windstar (tax software) for Form 1042-S Reporting


12/12/2018 Returned Checks for Payroll


  • If you or your department is holding any paychecks that have not yet been picked up or should not have been paid, please return them to the Payroll Department located in Bond Hall. Add a brief note on the check as to why it is being returned.


  • If the check should not have been issued and you or your department would like the money added back into your departmental account:


  • Hand-write a note on the check telling us to reverse it and why. If the check has not previously been replaced, we will be happy to reverse it and add the money back into your departmental account.


  • If the check is being returned just because of failure of the employee to pick it up: then that should be noted on the check.
Get my W-2

The Get My W-2 request form is designated for use by former employees of USM.

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