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Office of the Controller

Procedures for Routing an Independent Contractor Request

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A contract/PSA should be approved by all signatory authorities before work commences.

  • Step 1: The originating department will obtain all the applicable required documents (W-9, Determination form, PSA/Contract, New Vendor request form, etc.) which will include the contractor's signature and the authorized signer for the account charged. Send all documents to the Tax Compliance Officer psaFREEMississippi.
  • Step 2: Tax Compliance Officer (psaFREEMississippi) signature is required for all service agreements.
  • Step 3: PERS approval will be needed if the contractor is currently a PERS member. Download PERS Independent Contractor Questionnaire.
  • Step 4: Dean or Director approval of originating department will be needed if services are greater than or equal to $5,000.
  • Step 5: VP approval will be needed if services are greater than or equal to $10,000.
  • Step 6: Office of Research Administration approval will be needed if a restricted account (contract or grant) will be charged.
  • Step 7:  Purchasing Department.  Notify procurement for New Vendors or separate contract requiring signature.  Otherwise, proceed with the PSA once appropriate budget authorities, required approvals, and/or ORA have signed.  
Get my W-2

The Get My W-2 request form is designated for use by former employees of USM.

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