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Signature Authority Responsibilities/Maintenance

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Summary/Purpose:  The names of all personnel to whom signature authority has been delegated to approve the expenditures should be on record in SOAR. Each authorized signer is responsible for reviewing disbursement or expenditure requests for compliance with The University of Southern Mississippi’s policies and procedures, as well as any applicable external agency requirements. The approval of a disbursement transaction is attestation or certification to the processing department (e.g. Controller’s Office or Procurement and Contract Services) that: 

a.  The transaction has a valid business purpose within the context of the department's purpose, which for a sponsored research project, includes compliance with grant restrictions or other provisions 

b. The supporting documentation (preferably original) is sufficient for subsequent audit review, which includes compliance with tax reporting and withholding requirements such as reporting to the IRS of non-employee compensation 

c. The information provided is accurate to the best of his or her knowledge, including adequate disclosure of any potential conflicts of interest

d. The payment is for products/services already received except for items normally paid in advance such as subscriptions, maintenance contracts, individual book purchases, registration fees, airfares, or arrangements where documented significant economic advantages accrue to the University.




For changes in signature authority for NON GRANT budgets, please complete the Request for Signature Authority Change form. Return form to the Controller's Office, Box 5143, once all authorizing/approving signatures have been obtained.  

For changes in signature authority for GRANT budgets (FUND code beginning with 16), please contact Sponsored Program Administration.



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