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Dale Center for the Study of War and Society

DC YouTube Channel and Videos

The Dale Center hosts a YouTube Channel, where we house video clips of several of our lectures and other events.  To check it out, CLICK HERE.  In addition, our faculty have given presentations on various topics across the country and around the world.  Some of those video presentations are listed below.

Dale Center's YouTube Channel 

Dr. Allison Abra:

  • "Leslie Schwartz | Conversations | MPB." Dr. Abra interviews Holocaust survivor Leslie Schwartz, who traveled to Hattiesburg to pay tribute to a unit of African American soldiers from Mississippi who helped liberate him from a World War II concentration camp in Germany. To watch, CLICK HERE.

Dr. Heather M. Stur:

  • "The Vietnam War (1964–1973)." Dr. Stur's lecture is a part of the Teaching Military History Institute's series "Why Does America Go to War?" She discusses three motivations behind the United States' gradual intervention in Vietnam, including communism, the Cold War, and credibility. To watch, CLICK HERE.
  • "C-Span Book Discussion on Beyond Combat." Dr. Stur discusses her book Beyond Combat: Women and Gender in the Vietnam War Era. She talks about the different roles both American and Vietnamese women had during the Vietnam War. To watch, CLICK HERE.

Dr. Kenneth Swope:

  • “Experiencing War in Seventeenth Century China” from Confucius Institute at University of Michigan. Dr. Swope discusses the tumultuous Ming-Qing dynastic transition, which was one of the bloodiest and longest in China’s history, and the literature that was produced during the period. He examines how people experienced war in early modern China, highlighting particular cultural responses and considering the Chinese experience in comparison with other times and places. To watch, CLICK HERE.

Dr. Susannah J. Ural:

  • "C-Span Book Discussion on Don’t Hurry Me Down To Hades." Dr. Ural discusses her book Don’t Hurry Me Down to Hades: Soldiers and Families in America’s Civil War. To watch, CLICK HERE.
  • "C-Span Book Discussion on Hood’s Texas Brigade in 1863" by Pamplin Historical Park in Petersburg, VA as part of their annual Civil War Symposium, features Dr. Ural discussing Confederate General John Bell Hood’s Texas Brigade in 1863. She tracks the units progression during the war and uses the soldiers’ own words to convey their thoughts about the mid-point of the Civil War. To watch, CLICK HERE.
  • C-Span, “The Irish Brigade at Fredericksburg.” As part of the 150th anniversary celebrations of the Battle of Fredericksburg with the National Park Service, Fredericksburg Area Museum, and the University of Mary Washington, Dr. Ural discusses the role the Irish Brigade played in the battle. To watch, CLICK HERE
  • Lectures in History by C-Span, “Election of 1860 and Secession.” Dr. Ural gives a lecture on the presidential election of 1860 and the following secession by southern states. To watch, CLICK HERE
  • Civil War Monitor “Behind the Lines: Interview with Susannah J. Ural.” Dr. Ural discusses how this book looks at a different narrative of the Civil War. To watch, CLICK HERE.
  • “Battle of Ball’s Bluff” as part of “The Battle of Ball’s Bluff and the Committee on the Conduct of War” as part of the 29th annual summer conference on the Civil War Institute at Gettysburg College. Dr. Ural discusses the legacy of the Union loss during the Battle of Ball’s Bluff near Leesburg, VA in October 1861. To watch, CLICK HERE.
  • “Harp and Eagle: Irish American Volunteers and the Union Army, 1861-1865.” In this video, Dr. Ural discusses her book The Harp and the Eagle as part of the Perspectives in Military History Lecture Series at the U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center.  To watch, CLICK HERE.
  • “Book Discussion on Fighting for the Confederacy” as part of the 29th annual summer conference of the Civil War Institute at Gettysburg College, “Mobilizing for War and the Battle of First Manassas Bull/Run.” Dr. Ural joins a panel discussion on Edward Porter Alexander’s memoir Fighting for the Confederacy that described his experiences and observations during the Civil War. To watch, CLICK HERE.  
  • “Mark Grimsley’s The Hard Hand of War” panel discussion on the featured book of the 2012 Civil War Institute Summer Conference at Gettysburg College. Dr. Ural joins a discussion on Mark Grimsley’s book The Hard Hand of War; Union Military Policy Toward Southern Civilians, 1861-1865. To watch, CLICK HERE.

Dr. Andrew Wiest:

  • "Vietnam's Forgotten Army: Heroism and Betrayal in the ARVN" by The US Army Heritage and Education Center with the U.S. Army War College. Dr. Wiest talks about Pham Van Dinh and Tran Ngoc Hue, who were two of the brightest young officers in the Army of the Republic of Vietnam, and how the two officers ended up taking two very different paths during the Vietnam War. To watch, CLICK HERE.
  • "C-Span Book Discussion The Boys of ‘67." In this interview, Dr. Wiest discusses his book The Boys of ’67: Charlie Company’s War in Vietnam and the men’s experiences during the Vietnam War. He explores what the soldiers experienced during the war as well as after they returned home. To watch, CLICK HERE.

Dr. Kyle F. Zelner:

  • “Rabble in Arms” hosted by the US Army Heritage and Education Center with the U.S. Army War College. During this talk, Dr. Zelner discusses his book on King Philips War (1675-1676) which was the first major military crisis to affect the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Drawing on muster and pay lists and other historical documents, he demonstrates that Essex County’s more upstanding citizens were spared while the “rabble” were force to fight. To watch, CLICK HERE.

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