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Dale Center for the Study of War and Society

Dale Center in the Media

The Dale Center, it faculty fellows, and its graduate students appear in several different media venues--from YouTube to Twitter, from the New York Times to the National Geographic channel.  The links below offer a gateway to those multiple media venues.

The Dale Center Blog, "Reflections of War & Society" is where Dale Center Fellows and graduate students, as well as distinguished guest authors, write posts highlighting issues in the history of war and society and military history, as well as contemporary issues that intersect with those worlds.

The Dale Center YouTube Channel and Videos page is the link to both the Dale Center's YouTube Channel, which houses videos of most of our events and a link to other videos highlighting the work of Dale Center faculty.

The Dale Center Facebook group and Dale Center Twitter feed (@DaleCenter) highlight Dale Center events, presentations and research projects of our faculty and graduate students, and interesting news in the fields of war and society and military history. Give us a follow!

The Dale Center Events page is a link to news coverage and press releases about Dale Center events, projects, programs, and conferences.

The Dale Center Faculty News page is a link to news coverage and press releases about Dale Center faculty in media venues across the country and internationally.