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Society for Military History

The Society for Military History is the premier scholarly organization dedicated to the advancement and study of military history through it’s the Journal of Military History and its meetings.

The United States Commission on Military History

The United States Commission on Military History is dedicated to the preservation of military history through newsletters, pamphlets, and conferences.

Air Force Historical Foundation

The Air Force Historical foundation serves members representing all components of the United States Air Force, as well as the preservation of Air Force history.

Army Historical Foundation

The Army Historical Foundation promotes the preservation of the history and heritage of the American Soldier and is dedicated to historical refurbishment projects. 

Council on America’s Military Past

The Council on America’s Military Past is dedicated to the interpreting and sharing of military heritage by protecting and preserving military posts and equipment.

De Re Militari: The Society for the Study of Medieval Military History

De Re Militari, begun in 1992, is the gathering place for those who study military actions, technology, and topics from the fall of Rome to early seventeenth century.

Foreign Policy Research Institute

The Foreign Policy Research Institute is dedicated to the scholarship of US foreign policy and fitting it into a larger historical context in international politics.

Marine Corps Heritage Foundation

The Marine Corps Heritage Foundation preserves the history of the United States Marine Crops by educating Americans about the sacrifices and virtues of the Marine Corps.

The Naval Historical Foundation

The Naval Historical Foundation is dedicated to educating Americans on the history and significance of American sea power.

Society of Civil War Historians

The Society of Civil War Historians is an association of scholars dedicated to exploring slavery, the sectional crisis, Civil War, emancipation, and reconstruction roughly from the 1830s through 1880.