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Dale Center for the Study of War and Society

Richard McCarthy Lecture Series

The Richard McCarthy Lecture Series was founded in 2006 through the generous support of Dr. Richard McCarthy and Dr. Craig Howard and is designed to bring together students, faculty, and community members to access cutting edge research in the field of War and Society. Over the years, the McCarthy Lecture Series has provided the campus and Hattiesburg communities a broad range of programming, ranging from a panel discussion led by veterans of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq to more academic programs including talks by leading historians of War and Society and Military History, such as Jeremy Black, Dennis Showalter, Gary Sheffield, Jeffrey Gray, Brian Linn, Wayne Lee, and John Lynn, just to name a few. The Richard McCarthy Lecture Series is central to the Dale Center for the Study of War & Society’s continuing community outreach efforts. 


COVID-19 Notice:

Following the guidance of recent COVID-19 advisories provided by federal, state, and local healthcare officials and organizations, The University of Southern Mississippi made the decision to cancel all events sponsored by USM effective March 12, 2020.  For more information on Southern Miss’s response, see the COVID-19 webpage at the Provost’s website

The 2020 McCarthy Symposium scheduled for April 3, 2020 was cancelled and we hope to reschedule the event sometime in the future. The Dale Center will follow all university policies on the COVID-19 pandemic. The status of events scheduled for 2020 will strictly depend on university policy, based on the spread of the virus and its impact.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding during an ever-evolving situation.  And, as always, thank you for your support of the Dale Center for the Study of War & Society. 

 2020 McCarthy Symposium

2020 McCarthy Symposium Postcard

This spring, the Dale Center will host the 2020 McCarthy Symposium: "Vietnam 1970: Homefront and Battlefront," commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War events of 1970 and the Jackson State College shooting. The symposium, which is a twist on the annual McCarthy Lecture Series, will be held on the Gulf Park campus on s date to be determined and will feature panels of American and Vietnamese veterans of the Vietnam War, as well as Vietnam War scholars, and a keynote address on the Jackson State shooting.


                                      Date: TBD                                                  Time: TBD

Location: Fleming Education Center, University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Park Campus (link to gulf park campus map (pdf)).

Featured Keynote Speakers:

James "Lap" BakerJames "Lap" Baker, graduate of Jackson State University and survivor of the May 15, 1970, Jackson State shooting


Tran Ngoc "Harry" Hue

Lt. Col. Tran Ngoc "Harry" Hue, former lieutenant colonel of the 1st Division of the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam) and subject of Dr. Andrew Wiest's award-winning book, Vietnam's Forgotten Army: Heroism and Betrayal in the ARVN


Featured Panelists:

     ·Dr. Curtis Austin, University of Oregon. Southern Miss alum and author of Up Against the Wall: Violence in the Making and Unmaking of the Black Panther Party

     ·Dr. Amy Rutenberg, Iowa State University, author of Rough Draft: Cold War Military Manpower Policy and the Origins of Vietnam-Era Draft Resistance

     ·Dr. Maureen Ryan, USM Distinguished Professor of English and author of The Other Side of Grief: The Homefront and the Aftermath in American Narratives of the Vietnam War

     ·Dr. James H. Willbanks, career US Army officer, retired professor at the Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, and author of numerous books including Abandoning Vietnam: How America Left and South Vietnam Lost Its War

     ·Dr. William Allison, Georgia Southern University, author of numerous books including My Lai: An American Atrocity in the Vietnam War

     ·George "Jay" Veith, author of numerous books on the Vietnam War, including Black April: The Fall of South Vietnam, 1973-75

For more information, email us at DaleCenterFREEMississippi


Past McCarthy Lecture Series

You can watch many of the past lectures through the Dale Center's YouTube channel playlist by clicking here.

  • Spring 2019      "Spy Games: War & Espionage in the 20th Century"
  • Spring 2018      "It is too furious": Indigenous Warfare in Early North America"
  • Spring 2017      "Tribe: War Veterans"
  • Fall 2015            Pivot to Asia 
  • Spring 2015      A Great War for Empire
  • Fall 2014           Embedded: War and the Fourth Estate
  • Fall 2013          "We Shall Defend our Island" British Experience of the World Wars
  • Fall 2012          Rebuilding the Army After Vietnam
  • Fall 2011          Paradigm Shifts in the History of Warfare
  • Spring 2011     Victory Denied: Military Historians Examine Defeat
  • Spring 2010     The Southern Way of War
  • Spring 2009     War in the Modern Middle East
  • Spring 2008     War in the Pacific World”
  • Spring 2007     On the Edge of Empires: War and Society in the Early Atlantic World
  • Spring 2006     Civilians in Wartime

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