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Diversity and Inclusion


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USM offers an array of courses that focus on issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion and help students better understand and develop reflective perspectives. Here is a small sample of  courses that you may be interested to take in various disciplines. This  list is being updated regularly, so check back for changes!



ANT 101: The Human Experience: A Global Perspective on Human Diversity (3 hrs.)

Surveys the five major subdisciplines of anthropology (physical anthropology, archaeology, linguistics, social/cultural anthropology and applied anthropology) to provide the student with a holistic understanding of humanity’s social and biological diversity. (CC-SOC 2213) 

ANT 221 - Introduction to Cultural & Linguistic Anthropology (3 hrs.)

A comparative approach to the analysis of human cultural and social diversity.

ANT 313 - Peoples and Cultures of Africa (3 hrs.)

An ethnological survey of the major culture areas of the African continent with particular reference to sub-Saharan Africa.

ANT 315 - American Indians (3 hrs.)

Focuses on North American, Meso-American and South American Indian cultures.

ANT 317 - Culture and Power in Latin America (3 hrs.)

Introduction to the major prehistoric and contemporary peoples of Mexico and Central America, including the Aztecs, Maya and Valley of Oaxaca.

ANT 321 - Immigration and Transnationalism (3 hrs.)

An introduction to immigration issues. Considers the political and economic context of immigration, experiences of migration, and the relationship between migration.

ANT 452: Language, Gender and Culture (3 hrs.)

Cross-cultural study of the social basis of gender differences in language.


American Indian Studies


AIS 301 - Contemporary Issues in Indian Country (3 hrs.)

This course will focus on the cultural diversity of American Indians as well as current economic, social, political and cultural forces that are relevant in this era.


Black Studies


BLKS 301 - Introduction to Black Studies (3 hrs.)

An introduction to the intellectual and social origins of Black Studies as an academic discipline. The course examines the culture and history of African Americans and the black diaspora using a multidisciplinary approach for critical inquiry.


Criminal Justice


CJ 200 - Introduction to Criminal Justice (3 hrs.)

An introduction to criminal law, criminological thought and the operation of the criminal justice system. (CC-CRJ-1313)




HIS 307 - Survey of African History, 1500-Present (3 hrs.)

Exploration of the key aspects of the history of Africa, designed to give students a general working knowledge of Africa and Africans from the early modern era to the present.

HIS 310 - Survey of Latin American History (3 hrs.)

A study of Latin American history from the conquest to the present with an emphasis on social, economic, and cultural developments.

HIS 321 - American Indian History to 1840 (3 hrs.)

A survey of the history of Native Americans from the period of European intrusion to Indian removal.

HIS 322 - American Indian History since 1840 (3 hrs.)

A survey of the history of Native Americans from the time of Indian removal to the present.

HIS 373 - African-American History Survey, 1619-1890 (3 hrs.)

Survey of the African experience in the United States from 1619 to 1890.

HIS 374 - African-American History Survey, 1890- present (3 hrs.)

Survey of the African experience in the United States from 1890 to the present.

HIS 408 - African-American History in Contemporary Film (3 hrs.)

Explores the history of Black life, culture, politics and resistance through the lens of Black film.

HIS 423 / WGS 423: Gay and Lesbian History (3 hrs.)

This course explores the history of homosexuality and gay men and women's lives, often with a specific regional or chronological focus.




PHI 319 - Philosophy of Race (3 hrs.)

This class explores the concept of race from a philosophical perspective, focusing on race in a southern context, where the racial divide between African Americans and whites has great social and historical significance.


Political Science


PS 405 - Women and Politics (3 hrs.)

Prerequisite(s): Junior or senior status. Examines feminist political theory, the role and status of women in U.S. politics and public policy issues related to women.

PS 455 - Women and Human Rights (3 hrs.)

A comparative examination of the global struggle to expand and protect women’s human rights.

PS 459 - Human Rights (3 hrs.)

Examination of governmental abuses of human rights and efforts to protect human rights.

PS 488 - Women and the Law (3 hrs.)

This course examines the constitutional and legal rights of women in the United States.




REL 131 - Comparative Religion

The study of religion as an aspect of human culture with attention to both Christian and non-Christian religions. (CC PHI 2613, 2623)




SOC 101 - Understanding Society: Principles of Sociology (3 hrs.)

A general overview of the perspectives, concepts and methodology of sociology. Topics includes conformity, deviance, and social inequality based on race, gender, and social class.

SOC 201 - Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (3 hrs.)

An introduction into the issues of social diversity and equity. Topics including structural inequalities, privilege, and intersectionality in relation to racism, sexism, classism, heterosexism, colorism, ageism, ableism, and others. 

SOC 301 - Wealth, Status, and Power (3 hrs.)

An introduction to the study of social class inequality in society, focusing on theoretical explanations for the unequal distribution of wealth, status and power in the United States.

SOC 350 - Race and Ethnicity (3 hrs.)

An examination of the central topics in the sociology of race and ethnicity with a focus on historical patterns, social change and current issues.

SOC 360 - Globalization (3 hrs.)

An introduction to globalization and global inequality as it relates to various dimensions in the modern world including politics, economics, social and cultural diversity, human rights and the environment.

SOC 415 - Sociology of Gender (3 hrs.)

A critical examination of gender in the U.S. and globally, including within the family, education, politics, and work. Special emphasis is placed on the intersections of gender with race, social class, and sexuality.


Women’s and Gender Studies


WGS 301 - Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies (3 hrs.)

Introduces the interdisciplinary area of women’s and gender studies through readings, guest lectures, and discussions.

WGS 355 - Gender, Race, and Media (3 hrs.)

Analysis and evaluation of media representation of class, gender and race in American culture. (crosslisted with MCJ 355)

CMS 475 - Gender Issues in Speech Communication (3 hrs.)

Examination of gender issues as applied to interpersonal, professional, organizational, persuasive and political communication.

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