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DuBard School for Language Disorders

Dyslexia Therapy Master's FAQ

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Program Format 

Is this a fully online program? 

Yes, as of Summer of 2022, the program moved to a 100% online format. All courses, practicum, and supervisions are provided virtually. 

Will I be able to work while completing this degree? 

Yes, the degree format was designed to meet the needs of working professionals. 

How long is the program? 

It is a 2-year long program that may be completed in a minimum of six semesters.  

When may I begin the program? 

Summer semester.   

How do I apply for the program? 

Spring semester, see The University of Southern Mississippiā€™s Graduate School webpage for the graduate school application process. 

When are applications accepted?


What is the deadline for applying? 

The deadline for applying is March 1. However, students are encouraged to apply early as space is limited. 

Will my application be considered if it is incomplete? 


How many graduate students are accepted each year? 

16 max.

Is the GRE required? 

Praxis or GRE.

If I use Praxis scores instead of the GRE, exactly what is required? 

If you intend to provide PRAXIS scores in lieu of GRE scores, please complete the following two steps: 1) upload a copy of your official PRAXIS score report, and 2) request a departmental memo authorizing the substitution. Please note that both PRAXIS I and PRAXIS II scores are required. 

Is there a specific cut-off score? 

No, each application is evaluated in its entirety and a point system is used to evaluate the components of the applications. 

Is the program accredited? 

Yes, IMSLEC, and IDA.

What is the multisensory therapy approach that is taught? 

The methodology taught is the scientifically based DuBard Association MethodĀ® which is Orton-Gillingham based in content and principles of instruction. 

Practicum and Supervision Questions 

Where may I earn practicum hours? 

Graduate students may earn hours on the job if they are teaching, or volunteering in a school, or by providing private services at an agreed upon location. 

What kinds of students may I work with to earn practicum hours? 

The students must have documentation of a diagnosis of dyslexia or poor grades in reading. Several types of documentation are acceptable including formal reports, student grade reports, teacher reports, etc. 

When may I begin earning my practicum hours? 

After SHS 532, 1st semester.

If I am working in a school, does my principal/school administrator have to approve my earning of practicum hours on the job? 

Yes, paperwork and signature.

Will my practicum be supervised? 

Yes, approved supervisors with qualifications.

What is virtual supervision? 

What is the minimum frequency required for seeing a client for instruction? 

See suggested hours.

How much instruction will a struggling reader need to make progress? 

At or above reading level, dependent or student.

Who is responsible for finding students for me to work with in order to earn practicum hours? 


May I earn practicum hours at the DuBard School? Graduate students may contact a course instructor or supervisor for potential opportunities to obtain some practicum hours on campus at the DuBard School for Language Disorders.    If I have not completed 700 hours of practicum by the end of the sixth semester (the second summer), what happens? 

Continuous enrollment in the university is required and tuition must be paid while the graduate student continues acquiring the skills and supervision required for practicum. 

What if I have not completed my practicum requirements by the end of the sixth semester (May)? 

Enrollment in another practicum course will be required and tuition must be paid.  

Can I receive my degree if all I lack is practicum hours? 

Practicum hours are an essential part of the degree program and are required to receive a degree. 


Housing Options 

Are there housing options on campus during the summer? 

For information about housing, contact:

The University of Southern Mississippi Department of Residence Life
Hickman Hall 118 College Drive #5064 Hattiesburg, MS 39406-0001
601.266.4783 (o)  601.266.4891(f)


What credentials will I be eligible for when I graduate? 

In Mississippi: Graduates will be eligible for the Mississippi Department of Education Educator Licensure endorsement #203 for dyslexia therapy. 

National: Graduates also will be eligible to sit for the ALTA Competency Exam for MSLE which, when successfully completed, will lead to eligibility for the Certified Academic Language Therapist (CALT) national credential and membership in the Academic Language Therapy Association (ALTA).  We offer this twice a year.

How will I be able to use this degree? 

Programs at The University of Southern Mississippi that prepare students for licensure as dyslexia therapist are designed to meet the licensure standards set by the Mississippi Department of Education. The University of Southern Mississippi cannot determine whether a particular licensure program meets the requirements for the licensure outside of the state of Mississippi. Students seeking licensure in another state are advised to contact the appropriate licensing board in that state to determine specific requirements of guidelines for reciprocity. For a list of the state departments of education that oversee professional teaching licensure, see the U.S Department of Education website - State Contracts page.


Will I have to pay out-of-state tuition?

No, Southern Miss waives out-of-state tuition for fully online program. For further information visit; www.

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