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Outclient Services

Outclient Therapy

The outclient program expanded in 1996 and serves students from other schools with mild to moderate speech-language disorders and/or dyslexia. Students attend both one-on-one and small group sessions two to four times a week.

Led by nationally certified speech-language pathologists or master’s level academic therapists, outclient sessions are conducted at the DuBard School. During the summer sessions, local students may be joined by students seeking services from across the country.

The outclient therapy program provides fee-based individual and small group therapy for clients ages birth through adulthood who have a diagnosed language, speech or hearing disorder or a combination of these disabilities. Included are those whose learning differences are in oral language, reading or a combination of oral and written language deficits, including dyslexia. Therapy is conducted in 50-minute sessions two to four times weekly over an 11-month period.

Step-by-Step: A Parent’s Guide to Outclient Therapy

  1. Parent/Guardian should contact the DuBard School for Language Disorders to provide referral information.

  2. Parent/Guardian must provide documentation of client’s diagnosed or suspected challenges (testing, teacher reports, etc.).

  3. Client is placed on waiting list for services. Wait times vary depending on client’s schedule and current openings.

  4. Parent/Guardian is contacted when an opening becomes available, and therapy is scheduled.

Evaluation Services

The evaluation services include independent, comprehensive evaluations of clients who are two years of age and older. Our staff performs evaluations uniquely designed for each student which test specific skills including, but not limited to, receptive and expressive language, articulation, written language, reading accuracy, fluency and comprehension, achievement and mental ability (verbal and nonverbal).

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LEAP Program for Dyslexia

DuBard School offers a modified DuBard Association Method® curriculum designed for students with dyslexia. The unique program called the Language Enhancement and Achievement Program, or LEAP, may be offered each semester in a small group setting.

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Current Outclient Parents:

2023-24 Outclient Handbook is available here.

To view this PDF, you will need a version of Adobe Acrobat. You can download the Adobe Reader online for free at this link.


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