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Esports at Southern Miss is a multi-phased program centered around competitive esports teams established to represent the university in intercollegiate competition and enhance the student experience. 

Our Mission

The primary mission of this community is to develop learning focused, connected, and healthy individuals through competition, community, and esports experiences while preparing students for post-graduation with non-competitive industry training in their chosen field of study. 


Dedication - Professionalism - Respect - Honesty - Inclusivity 


Becoming a member of the esports program requires you to be a student at the University of Southern Mississippi. There is no cost associated with membership. We have 3 tiers of student engagement: 

1. Signed Student-Athletes - Official Teams 

    1. Students who have signed as student-athletes to compete in official conferences, like the Sunbelt Conference, National Association of Collegiate Esports, and the National Esports Competition Conference

2. Academy Teams

    1. Students who are not signed as student-athletes, but compete in official conferences as developing teams 

3. Gaming Club Members 

    1. This gaming community is meant for all gamers to experience fun events, conventions, and multi-club collaborations with a gaming twist 











Connect with Us

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Contact Us


118 College Drive #5117

Hattiesburg Campus


Campus Map


Discord: Mr Toast#4012