Faculty and Staff

Ann P. Blackwell


Specialty Areas: Child care, child development, parent-child relationships, parenting, parenting education

Melinda Bowens


Melinda Bowens


Specialty Areas: Service learning, community involvement, mental health and the family, systemic family practices.

Teaching: Contemporary Issues Affecting the Quality of Life, Families in Later Life, Marital and Family Relations

Ruth Brooks

Ruth Brooks

Academic Services Coordinator

Alicia Deaver

Visting Instructor

Krystin Flowers

Krystin Flowers

Instructor, Advisement Center Coordinator

Specialty Areas: Student success at the collegiate level, with a focus on first generation college students, minority students, the impact of goal setting, and motivation. 

Teaching: Family Life Education, Family Theories, Prepracticum in Marriage and Family Therapy, Marital and Family Relationships, Academic Success and Learning Skills, Orientation to Child and Family Studies, Social and Professional Development

Stacie Frey

Clinic Director, University of Clinic for Family Therapy

Teaching: Family Theories, Supervised Practicum in MFT

Heath Grames

Associate Professor

Specialty Areas: Health and families, Hispanic/Latino individuals and families, marriage and family therapy, multicultural issues, racial and ethnic issues

Teaching:Psychopathology, Couples, Gender and Culture, Assessment in MFT, Practicum in Marriage and Family Therapy

Angel Herring

Assistant Professor, Undergraduate Program Director

Specialty Areas: Student supports and engagement, Common Core and pre-k/k DAP implications, social media and perception of self, parent-child relations, embedding social studies through DAP

Teaching: Child Development I, Behavior and Guidance of Young Children, Social and Professional Etiquette, Infant Development, Program Evaluation and Assessment, and Current Trends and Theories in Child and Family Studies 

Jeff Hinton

Professor, Associate Dean of the College of Education and Psychology

Specialty Areas: Understanding clinical supervision process and outcome, Understanding the relationships between MFT training and licensure standards and how these impact professional identity

Teaching: Theories of Marriage and Family Therapy II, Pre-Practicum in Marriage and Family Therapy, Practicum in Marriage and Family Therapy

Michelle Jeanfreau

Assistant Professor, Gulf Coast Campus

Specialty Areas: Marital infidelity, financial infidelity, premarital and couples relationships, communication in relationships, sexuality, and grieving and social media

Teaching: Parenthood, Contemporary Issues Affecting the Quality of Life, Child Development, Family Theories, Family Life Education

Claire Kimberly

Assistant Professor, Director of CFS MS Program, Gulf Coast Campus

Specialty Areas: Family communication, sexual health, and marital satisfaction

Teaching: Sexuality in the Family, Program Evaluation and Assessment, Family Theories, Family Life Cycle, Families in Later Life, Research Methods, Family Life Education


Juawice McCormick

Juawice McCormick

Assistant Professor

Specialty Areas: Professional School Counselor Leadership and Identity; Supervision and Training of Professional School Counselors; College and Career Readiness for Mississippi Students; Credentialing and Licensure of Professional Counselors; Resilience; Substance Abuse and Process Addictions in Families

Pam Rollins



Pam Rollins

Assistant Professor, Director of MFT Masters Program

Specialty Areas: Clinician resiliency and burnout, self-of-the-therapist issues, process of therapy, and disciplinary/regulatory issues

Teaching: FAM 660 Assessment and Diagnosis I, FAM 661 Assessment and Diagnosis II,  FAM 659 Ethics and Professional Issues in MFT, and FAM 790 Supervised Practicum in MFT

Pat Sims

Associate Professor, Chair of Department

Specialty Areas: Treating juvenile offenders and their families, treating adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse, therapist training and supervision

Melissa Weaver

Melissa Weaver

Program Director for the Gulf Coast Center for Child Development

Teaching: Materials and Methods, Supervised Practicum


Lindsay Wright

Assistant Professor, Coordinator of Online Undergraduate Program

Specialty Areas: Infant development, breastfeeding, parent education, child development, child care

Teaching: Infant Development, Child Development, Advanced Child Development, Interpersonal Communication, Personal and Family Financial Management

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