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Computational Science (Computer Science) - Doctorate

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PhD in Computational Science (Computer Science emphasis)

Our doctoral program is primarily meant for students who already hold an MS degree in Computer Science or closely allied field. Such students need to complete 54 hours of courses and dissertation research. Students who do not already hold an MS degree are expected to complete 84 hours and are eligible for an MS degree en route to PhD. Most doctoral students are supported by externally funded research projects directly contributing to their dissertations.

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What Will I Learn?

Doctoral students are required to complete some core courses on data handling, analysis, and visualization techniques. Elective courses cover advanced concepts in various areas including:

  • algorithm design and analysis;
  • analytical models of computation;
  • distributed database systems;
  • multiprocessing and parallel programming;
  • computer graphics;
  • data mining and data sciences;
  • artificial intelligence;
  • independent and directed studies in other areas of a student's interest.

Mentoring, Research and Scholarship

Our faculty members are engaged in research projects in various areas of focus, including cybersecurity, data sciences, bioinformatics, AI and neurosciences, computer vision and robotics. Doctoral students participate in these research endeavors, present their research findings at conferences, and publish their research outcomes in archival journals. Our faculty closely mentor the students' progress through all these steps. Thus our graduating doctoral students are well-prepared for research careers in both the academia and industry.



Degree Plan Availability
Computational Science (Computer Science) PhDHattiesburg
  • Academic/tenure track positions
  • Federal research laboratories
  • Industry positions requiring advanced training
  • Shahram Rahimi, 2001,
    Department Head and Professor, Mississippi State University
  • Isaac Akogwu, 2017, 
    Postdoctoral Research Associate, Biodesign Institute (Arizona State University)
  • Jean Gourd, 2007,
    Program Chair and Associate Professor of Computer Science, Louisiana Tech University
  • Paulus Wahjudi, 2008, 
    Associate Professor of Computer Science, Marshall University