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Marine Science - Master's and Doctorate

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What is Marine Science, and why is it important?

Marine Scientists focus their work on both practical or applied problems and basic scientific questions. The oceans provide both bounty and peril; they provide a wealth of food, a vast water supply reservoir and are the source of most of the heat and carbon used in our climate system; they are the source of ½ the oxygen our biosphere needs; they also spawn large storms and hurricanes, and tsunamis.

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$10MExternal Research Funding (2017)
20Faculty active in research
5Research Vessels

What Will I Learn?

The importance of the oceans to physical climate, food supplies and biological stability are being more widely recognized and appreciated every day. Here you will:

  • work in a dynamic natural environment
  • use multi-disciplinary techniques
  • share a passion for the sea and all it has to offer

Graduate students will gain experience working at sea on USM's research vessel in the Gulf of Mexico and have the opportunity to work onshore or offshore around the world on research projects.

Our students often find internships at other research labs around the country including Universities and federal agencies such as the Navy, NOAA, EPA and USGS.

Join us!

See our faculty listed by Interdisciplinary Research Themes.

Check out Recent Publications from the faculty, post-docs and students of the Marine Science program.

Check out our Seminar Series schedule, showcasing Marine Science research.

Visit our Tech pages for information on using technology at the Divison of Marine Science.

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  • Professional Scientist
  • Environmental Consultant
  • Marine Technician
  • Program Manager
  • Eve Eisemann, MS 2016
    Research Physical Scientist Engineer Research & Development Center - US Army
  • Amanda McGehee, MS 2014
    Environmental Scientist Crescent Technology, Inc
  • Matthew Dornback, MS 2011
    Biological Oceanographer NOAA NCEI