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School of Ocean Science and Engineering

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Biogeochemistry, Global Change and Climate Variability

Wiggert, Hayes, Shiller, Bernstein, Howden, Zhang, Diercks, Cambazoglu

Coastal Hazards and Paleoclimate

Wallace, Hayes

Remote Sensing, Marine Instrumentation and Autonomous Vehicles

Diercks, Howden, Zhang

Coastal Hypoxia and its Ecological and Biogeochemical Impacts

Howden, Shiller, Wiggert, Milroy, Zhang, Cambazoglu

Coastal, Estuarine, and Global Ocean Circulation

Buijsman, Howden, Nechaev, Wallace, Wiggert, Bernstein, Cambazoglu

Mapping and Distribution Patterns of Marine Organisms

Mojica, Milroy

Seafloor Mapping and Bathymetric Issues in Marine Science

Wells, Howden, Macelloni, Hiroji