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Academic and Research Integrity

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Research and Scholarly Integrity Assurance Program

Here at The University of Southern Mississippi we are committed to fostering integrity in our academic community. All graduate students are required to participate in the University’s Research and Scholarly Integrity Assurance Program, including online courses and on-campus forums and workshops.

CITI Training

The required online course is offered through the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI). All new graduate students should create a CITI account using their USM email address and answer the enrollment questions to generate their required CITI curriculum. Questions regarding CITI requirements should be directed to Jo Ann Johnson, Integrity Assurance Program Manager at 601.266.5997 or via email at Joann.JohnsonFREEMississippi.

Human and Animal Subjects

If you are conducting research involving human or animal subjects, you will be required to complete additional designated courses, as well as submitting their proposals for approval prior to beginning their research.

Academic Integrity Policy

Additionally, you should review the Academic Integrity Policy to help maintain a honest, responsible, respectful, and ethical campus community.