Fraternity Housing

Required Living/Housing Draft

Every chapter has a specific housing draft. All members are required to live a certain number of semesters in residence.  Most are based on grades, year in school, and if they hold an office.


This requirement is clearly stated on the membership (bid) card your son signs. 

Each fraternity member will be required to live a minimum of four (4) semesters, not including summers, in fraternity housing. The live in requirement must begin the semester following initiation for four (4) consecutive semesters, excluding summers.  NOTE: Some fraternity chapters may require additional semesters in residence.  This decision is left with the chapter and subject to their amendment.  You should be aware of your specific chapter's requirements for living in the house at the time you sign your Membership Card.

I understand in the event my respective fraternity/sorority house is at maximum occupancy I can reside elsewhere, but in the event the house is below maximum occupancy, each organization will require its members to move into their respective fraternity/sorority house. The procedure to determine which fraternity/ sorority members move into the house is set by each organization. If I do not move into the fraternity/sorority house when it is below the maximum required occupancy and I am drafted by my respective fraternity/sorority, I understand I will be responsible for paying the housing fee, regardless of my actual physical residence. In accordance with this policy, I will not enter into any other housing contact without first verifying my draft status with my fraternity/sorority. I understand this policy applies regardless of my permanent address. The fraternity/sorority housing fee is subject to annual review or changes."


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