About our Strategic Plan:

  • Called "the Sigma Initiative"
  • A road map for success and intentional action over the next three years.
  • A public statement indicating our community has room for growth and that we are committed to making it stronger and more vibrant.
  • An action-oriented living document which calls chapters, leaders, constituents, and administrators to a shared vision and purpose.
  • A collaborative process which includes voices from various perspectives including, but not limited to, students, alumni, parents, IFC, NPHC and CPC chapter affiliated persons.
  • Strategy designed through strength” as described in the Greek words:
    • Στρατητγός (Strategos, meaning strategy)
    • Σχεδιά (Schedia, meaning plan or design)
    • Σθενος (Sthenos, meaning strength)
  • Identification of the community’s strengths and how those could be best capitalized on to mitigate or reduce areas of weakness.



1. Leadership: Opportunity. Development. Transition.

2. Promoting our Values: Accountability. Marketing. Ritual.

3. Keeping our Members:  Recruitment. Retention. Investment.