The History Department has a number of scholarships available for its students, most established through the generosity of alumni, former students, parents, friends, and former faculty members.  All scholarships are applied for using the USM Foundation's Scholarship Application program.  All History scholarships have an application due date of February 15th.

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To start the application process, click here.  Current and accepted prospective students must use their USM Campus ID and SOAR password.


Foundation Scholarships Available to History Students*

Claude E. Fike Scholarship: This scholarship is for an undergraduate with financial need and a GPA of at least 3.0.  Students must submit a brief (250-500 word) statement explaining their financial need.  Award amount varies by year.

Gonzales Study Abroad Scholarship: For any undergraduate or graduate student who wants money to participate in a study abroad program in History offered by USM.  Students must submit a 500 word essay explaining how the funds will be used and outlining how the study abroad experience will benefit them. They must also obtain a letter of recommendation from a faculty member in support of their application. Funding for these awards varies by year but is traditionally around $3,000.  

Dr. John E. Gonzales Award: This award is given each year to an outstanding senior majoring in History.  Award amount varies by year.

Dr. John E. Gonzales Scholarship: This award is given to an outstanding undergraduate student with demonstrated financial need who will still be enrolled at USM in the following academic year.  Award amount varies by year.

Dr. Kenneth G. McCarty History Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded to one of the best History students in the History Social Studies Licensure program.  Preference is given to a junior student who is about to start their senior capstone experience of student teaching.  The award was established in honor of Dr. Kenneth McCarty, one of the most distinguished teachers in the History Department at Southern Miss, by his family who wanted to recognize the role he played in teaching the future teachers of Mississippi.  Award amount varies by year.

Russell Miller Memorial Scholarship: This $1,000 scholarship goes to the undergraduate who combines academic achievement with community service. Eligible students must be History majors or minors and have a GPA of 3.0 or higher.  The recipient must have 4-12 hours per year of community service with a recognized service agency, such as the American Red Cross, Salvation Army, or another 501(c) (3) organization. All applications must include: An ESSAY (500 words) or AUDIO-VISUAL PRESENTATION describing ONE of the following:

  • How the scholarship will be used
  • A description of the connections between the US Civil War and current events in the US
  • The reason for your community service work

Lamar Powell History Graduate Scholarship: This award goes to a graduate assistant in the History Department who has served above and beyond the call in assisting the endeavors of the Dale Center for the Study of War & Society each year.  Award amount varies by year.

Jay Washam Memorial Scholarship: This scholarship is for a graduate student working on a thesis or dissertation.  The student must submit a 500-word essay explaining their project and financial need along with a letter from his or her mentor confirming progress and worthiness.  Award amount varies by year.

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