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Vann Hall

Quick Facts

  • Side of Campus: North
  • Floors: 5
  • Capacity: 340 residents
  • Gender: Male and Female (Freshmen)
  • Located next to Moffitt Health Center
  • Across the street from the Thad Cochran Center
  • Parking Garage located next to building
  • Houses the Honors LLC
  • Microwaves located in the lounges

What's in the room?

  • 2 Desks
  • 2 Chairs
  • 2 Nightstands
  • 2 Twin XL Beds
  • 2 Chest of Drawers
  • 2 Built-in Closets
  • 1 Entertainment Center
  • 1 Mini Fridge
  • Sink in Room
  • Blinds


  • 24/7 Security Access
  • Front Desk Staff
  • RAs living in each hall
  • Free laundry facilities located on the first floor
  • Specific housing Wi-Fi for TVs and gaming devices 
  • Private Bathrooms
  • Lounges with kitchens
  • Study Nooks
  • Elevators

Residence Life Coordinator

LaTansha Mayberry



Vann Hall is a gated first year male/female (by floor) residence hall and is located in the Century Park South complex. We have a total of 9 live in staff members and 1 live in professional staff member available to assist you. Vann Hall has a variety of amenities which include lounges and study “nooks” on every floor and a laundry facility on the first floor. What makes Vann Hall unique is that Vann Hall houses the Honors LLC for the Honors scholars. We hope to see you at Vann Hall! SMTTT!

- Miss Mayberry, RLC (601.266.1441)

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Mail and Packages

Resident's Name

118 College Drive # (Student's Box)

Hattiesburg, MS 39406

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Physical Address

107 Ray Guy Way

Hattiesburg, MS 39406

Live Southern Miss