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Awards and Honors

Awards and Honors

The COVID-19 epidemic has reminded the world why the Humanities are so powerful, relevant and necessary. Works of history, literature, philosophy and religious studies are perfectly suited for capturing the contradictory social processes and emotions within which we find ourselves. So, at this moment when the power and the magic of our disciplines are on display, it is imperative that we honor all of our award winners this year and recognize our students who were excelling in this before it became frighteningly relevant during the pandemic. We could not be any prouder of our students and their accomplishments.


2022-2023 Student Awards and Scholarships



Florence Burrow Pope Endowed Scholarship in English Literature

Raisa Harris


Howard W. Bahr Achievement Scholarship Endowment

Jessica Briscoe


Janet Sims English Scholarship Endowment

Ezabelle Janssen


Mary Maude T. Jordan Scholarship Endowment

Jessica Wade


Nelma and Marlin Ivey English Scholarship

Jed Guin

Michael Romack


Shannon O'Hara and Henry Mackaman English Scholarship Endowment

William Campbell

Michael Romack


Wilbur and Polly Stout English Scholarship Endowment

Callan Danenhower

Morgan Gardner

Katie Weber


Game Studies Interactive Writing Contest Winner

Savannah Irby


Howard Wilson and Helen V. Bahr Scholarship Endowment for Best Undergraduate Student Essay

Joshua Strobel

Honorable Mention: Jenna McClain


Emerging Scholar Award for Best Essay in English 340 

Winner, Fall 2022: Jaylin Jones

Honorable Mention, Fall 2022: Ashlyn Wilson


Capstone Award for Best Essay in English 400 

Winners, Fall 2022: 

Heaven Neese

Karlie Hall



Howard Wilson and Helen V. Bahr Scholarship Endowment

Katherine Gaffney

Emily Goldsmith

Margaret Hageman

Marisa Mills

Kayla Schreiber


James Sims Award

Emily Goldsmith


Linwood E. Orange Award

Marisa Mills


Stanley Hauer Excellence in Teaching Award

Hannah Mummert


Center for Writers Awards

Ben Mounger Rawls Awards Endowment

Emily Goldsmith


Dr. Jeremy Lespi Memorial English Scholarship Endowment

Kathryn McKenzie


Garth A. Avant Memorial Endowment

Caroline McCaulay

David Nikityn


Joan Johnson Writing Award in Fiction

Tawanda Nyahasha


Joan Johnson Writing Award in Poetry

Brooke Harries


Miranda Merkelein Award for Graduating Fiction Writer

Apoorva Mittal


Miranda Merkelein Award for Graduating Poet

Corinne Dekkers




Charles Moia Memorial History Scholarship Endowment

Benjamin Ogden


Claude E. Fike Scholarship

Maggie Byrd


Dr. Kenneth G. McCarty History Scholarship Endowment

Jordan Matthews


John E. Gonzales History Scholarship Endowment – Senior Award

Simeon Gates


John E. Gonzales History Scholarship Endowment – Undergraduate Scholarship

Jala Johnson

Alanha Johnson


John E. Wallace Award

Timothy Regan


Martha Boland Byron and Betty Boland Barker Education Scholarship

Raymond Arreola


Nolena Love Stephens Secondary Education History Licensure Memorial Annual Scholarship

Austin Moore


Outstanding Student Teacher Award

Meredith McRaney


Treadwell Davis Award

Zion Culbreath



Graduate Student Teaching Award

Brian Valimont


Jay Washam Memorial Scholarship

Brian Valimont


John E. Gonzales History Scholarship Endowment – Study Abroad Scholarship

Oscar Coles


Phi Alpha Theta Award

Emily Cloys


Dale Center for War & Society Awards

Dale Center Culpepper Internship Award

Anna Roberson


Lamar Powell Graduate War & Society Scholarship

Daniel Ward

Sarah Anne Hogue


Philosophy and Religion

Forrest Wood Philosophy Scholarship

LaKisha Ashley

Marlena Teston


Clayton and Mae Sullivan Award in Religion

Braden Waugh



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