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Humanities Career Pathways


Joseph Holt (English), Assistant Professor, University of Alaska, Fairbanks

Christopher Stacey (History),
Professor, LSU-Alexandria

Paige Gray (English), Assistant Professor, Savannah College of Art and Design

Timothy Hemmis (History), Assistant Professor, Texas A&M, Central Texas

Karen Cox (History),
Professor, UNC Charlotte


Allison Campbell (English), Creative Writing Faculty, Lusher School, New Orleans

Jody Dunwoody (History), World History Faculty, Biloxi High School

Todd Gray (English), English faculty,
The Delta School, Arkansas
Jerri Whitecotton (History),
Award Winning World History Faculty
at Oak Grove High School

Jay Glassie (English), English faculty, Bard High School Early College, Washington DC

University Administration

Beth Couture (English), Assistant Director, Counseling Center at University of the Arts

Sarah Wynn (English), Director
McNair Center, University of Wisconsin

Tom Ward (History), Assistant Dean, School of Arts and Sciences, SUNY Farmingdale

Andrea Spofford (English), Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences,
Austin Peay State University

Robyn Curtis (History), Director, Office of Major Fellowships, Clemson University


Kristi Cook (History), New York Times best-selling author of Young Adult Literature

Sara Lewis (English),
Associate Editor, Oxford American

Carlton McGrone (English), Assistant to the Editor, University Press of Mississippi

Caleb Tankersley (English),
Managing Editor, Split/Lip Press
Ryan Walters (History),
Regnery Publishing, History Division

Museums/Archives/Historic Sites

Anna Rikki Nelson (History),
Archivist and Digital Content Librarian Washington State Library
Mingo Tingle (History),
Chief of Technical Preservation Services
MS Dept. of Archives and History

Andrew Rhodes (English), Special Collections Specialist, McCain Library and Archives, USM

Tommy Lofton (History), Director
Mississippi Armed Forces Museum

Rita Dianne McCarty (History), Cultural Resources Program Manager, Camp Shelby


Christina H. Holcomb (History),
Assistant District Attorney
15th Judicial District of MS
Fred Clarke (English), Attorney
Rumberger Kirk, Birmingham, AL

Ileana Jimenez (Philosophy), Student at University of Colorado Law School

Hayden Chapman (History), Active Duty Blackhawk Pilot at Fort Bliss

Zachary Jones (English),
Legal and Communications Assistant
Mayor Toby Barker. Hattiesburg


Meryl Dakin (English), Software Engineer,, New York City

Andrea Golden (History),
Finance Analyst, ERP Consulting
Susan Elliott Reach (English), Manager
New Capital Partners

Aaron Watkins (History), Director of Financial Planning and Analysis at BBB Industries

Sarah Pearson (Philosophy),
Hershey’s Sales Representative

Motley and Singular

James Stringfellow (History),

Wildland Firefighter

John Mark Harris (Philosophy), Carpentry/Woodworking

Ashley Bruhl (English), Analyst
Lockheed Martin

Jeremy Britt (History), Pastor of Student Ministries at Lawndale Presbyterian Church

Nate Walker (History), Wine Sommelier

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