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National History Day in Mississippi

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National History Day is a nationwide competition for middle and high school students.  It encourages students to use their creativity to develop original historical research focused on an annual theme.  The School of Humanities at the University of Southern Mississippi helps to prepare students for national competition and hosts the annual statewide contest.

Students who participate in the state National History Day contest compete for the opportunity to attend the national competition in College Park, Maryland, and have the opportunity to win scholarships and other awards. To participate, students create a project (group or individual) in one of five areas: video documentary, exhibit, paper (individual only), performance, and website design.  Students who participate prepare themselves for college by developing a better understanding of primary source research.  National History Day creates better students and citizens.

Mississippi History Day 2020 will be held in the Liberal Arts Building on the Hattiesburg campus of Southern Miss. The date will be set soon.



Support for Teachers

We want to help teachers by making National History Day a useful classroom resource, something that can enrich existing lessons and reduce the burden on already over-burdened educators.

Check out our resources page for more information on local collections of historical resources in your area. You’ll be surprised to see how many archives and local museums we have all across the state. 

In addition to putting teachers in contact with local archivists and museum directors, we offer workshops for teachers (with continuing education credit) and for students, run by history faculty from the University of Southern Mississippi’s School of Humanities.  If you are interested in bringing National History Day into your classroom, let us know how we can help.


Support for Parents

We hope that you also will become involved in your child's learning and participation in National History day. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns that you may have.




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