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The Department of Philosophy and Religion has three funds managed by the USM Foundation that help to support our programs. Two of these are currently endowed funds. We are allowing the third fund to accumulate until it can reach the level required for endowed status.

Forrest Wood


 The Forrest Wood Philosophy Endowment provides scholarships for students majoring in philosophy. This fund was named after a long-time department chairman who, after his retirement from the university, gave a substantial contribution to start the fund.










The John F. Nau Endowment is a support fund for the Department of Philosophy and Religion. We use this fund for purposes such as providing student awards and supporting student research and travel. The fund is named after the first chairman of the department. It was made possible by a substantial contribution from the children of John Nau.












The Clayton and Mae Sullivan Fund has not yet reached the minimum amount for endowed status ($15,000). When it does reach that level, we will use interest from the fund to provide scholarships for students majoring in religion. The fund was named after one of our long-time professors of religion and his wife.








Faculty members of the department have been contributing to these funds through payroll deduction. If you wish to make a tax-deductible gift, please send a check payable to USM Foundation, and indicate the name of the fund your contribution is intended for. We appreciate your support.


To make a gift with your Visa, MasterCard, or American Express, please visit the USM Foundation or call 601-266-5602 and ask to have your contribution credited to one of the funds that support our work.

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