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How to proceed:

The Image Center can accept Cash, credit/debit cards, and apple pay in person.          

The Southern Miss ID card is a PERMANENT card for each student.  The fall semester ID card will also be used for spring and summer semesters each year.  The same card must be kept and used even when returning from a previous semester.  Do not destroy, bend or tamper with an ID card. You must have a government issued form of photo identification (passport, driver's license, other college/university ID, military ID) when requesting a student ID. 

*ID fees CANNOT be charged to student accounts.

   •   New Student Cards $15

   •   Lost/Stolen Cards $30 (Beginning Summer Semester 2023) 

Hattiesburg campus students may visit the Image Center located in the Thad Cochran Center to have an ID made.

New Student Orientation (Hattiesburg)

"New Student Orientation" is for students who will be attending orientation during the Summer. This is for a student who attends a majority of their classes on the physical campus of USM. Students will come to the Image Center on their chosen orientation date, located in the Thad Cochran Center to get their student ID. 

If your ID is lost or stolen the fee is $30. The Image Center can accept cash, VISA or Mastercard in person. You cannot resubmit a photo online if the ID is lost or stolen. You will need to come, in person, to the Image Center.

If you are a new student (International, Graduate, or Undergraduate) who will be attending the Hattiesburg campus, you can upload your own photo. Photos must follow the guidelines provided. Once your photo is approved, visit the Image Center before the start of classes to pay the $15 ID fee with cash, or credit/debit card and pick up your ID. This does not include online students. 

Hattiesburg Orientation Students: Submit your own Photo

Gulf Park Campus Students

Gulf Park campus students visit the One-Stop office located in Hardy Hall to receive your ID.

Online Learning

"Online Learning" students are also known as "distance learning" students. These students attend their classes completely online. Click on the "Online Learning" link. Fill out the form and upload your photo using the guidelines provided. Online students will receive their ID in the mail. 

First time student ID fee is $15. "Online Learning" students will need to contact Photo Services at 601-266-4149 and pay using a credit/debit card over the phone.

Online Learning (Click the link here)

Photo Requirements

Photo uploaded must meet the following criteria and are subject to review and can be denied if it does not meet requirements (ex: passport photo):

-File type accepted: jpeg, jpg, png.

-Plain, white background

-Color photo with no filters. AI generated photos will not be accepted.

-Head and shoulders only-Limit photo size to .75 MB or 768KB

-Professional facial expressions only

-Crop square (2"x2")

-Center, straight on and front view of full face; no tilted angles will be accepted

-Wear prescription glasses if you normally do

-No hats or sunglasses

-No photos with hands in hair or on face will be accepted 

Faculty/Staff ID card

Faculty and staff ID cards are for full-time and part-time employees of the university. To receive your faculty/staff ID card, you must have an ID application form from Human Resources. Your hiring manager will have this form if you are a new employee. If you lost your ID card, you can contact HR directly for this form and bring it to the Image Center. 


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