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Institutional Policies

Policy ACAF-IT-009

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Responsible University Administrator: Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Responsible Officer: Chief Information Officer
Origination Date: N/A
Current Revision Date: 02/19/13
Next Review Date: 02/19/17
End of Policy Date: N/A
Policy Number: ACAF-IT-009
Status: Effective


Policy Statement

USM provides listserv capabilities for current faculty, staff, student organizations, and university departments.

Reason for Policy/Purpose

This policy is required for the effective communication of university policy regarding listserv appropriate use.

Who Needs to Know This Policy

All members of The University of Southern Mississippi community.

Website Address for this Policy




Mailman is a listserv software that resides on the Southern Miss email server ( The purpose of Mailman at Southern Miss is two-fold: 1) to facilitate the dissemination of information to eligible members and affiliates of the University via email lists, and 2) to act as departmental and organizational email addresses, with emails sent to these addresses directed to the appropriate individuals responsible for receiving these emails.

Listserv services are available to current faculty, staff, student organizations, and university departments. Student organizations MUST request a listserv through the staff or faculty adviser. Students may not own these listservs, although they may be co-owners along with the appropriate staff or faculty member.


To request a listserv, an application must be filled out at Listservs access information can be picked up from the iTech Help Desk on the first floor of the library or by calling 601-266-4357(HELP). Questions/comments can be directed to


Owning a listserv at Southern Miss is a privilege that iTech makes available to staff and faculty members. The iTech Listserv Administrators and the iTech Security Officer reserve the right to refuse the creation of a listserv if it does not meet valid criteria or if it violates The University of Southern Mississippi Acceptable Use Policy, Furthermore, the Listserv Administrator and the Security Officer may revoke the usage of a listserv for violation of policy.


Listservs must be renewed on a yearly basis in order to remain current and to keep our server clean.


All University faculty and staff have the right to request a listserv and to request support if problems develop. List owners also have the right to determine who will and who will not be included on a list.


Listserv owners, by virtue of requesting and being granted a listserv, have the following responsibilities:

  1. Check email on a regular basis to prevent going over quota and thereby causing bounced emails to a full mailbox; 
  2. Learn how to manage the list with the Web interface that Mailman provides for each list;
  3. Provide instructions to list members on how to unsubscribe from a list, or if members are not allowed to unsubscribe (ie, a classroom list), to ensure that the members of the list understand that subscribing to the list is not an option;
  4. Respond promptly and courteously to questions from list subscribers and remove them from the list if necessary and reasonable;
  5. Correct subscriptions made in error (malformed email addresses, mistaken email addresses, etc.);
  6. Respond to error messages, such as bounces, non-member submissions (if applicable), and other errors that may arise;
  7. Respond to inquiries or requests from the iTech Listserv Administrator;  list owners should use the list responsibly. The lists should not be used to send unsolicited emails (spam) that are not directly related to the stated purpose of the list. Using a listserv in this manner may constitute revocation of listserv privileges. List owners should ensure their lists are used responsibly. 
  8. The size of emails sent to a list should be kept to a minimum, preferably less than 2MB.


Due to disk space limitations and performance issues, archiving is not available with the Mailman system. Please do not enable archiving on your lists. If archiving is found to be enabled on any lists, it will automatically be disabled.


The Chief Information Officers is responsible for the review of this policy every four years (or whenever circumstances require immediate review).


Listserv application.



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11/01/11: Formatted for Institutional Policies website.
02/19/13: Formatted for template. Minor editing of punctuation and usage throughout.

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