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Policy STUA-ADM-007

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Responsible University Administrator: Vice President for Student Affairs
Responsible Officer: Director of Admissions for Operations
Origination Date: N/A
Current Revision Date: 02/21/13
Next Review Date: 02/21/17
End of Policy Date: NA
Policy Number: STUA-ADM-007
Status: Effective




Policy Statement


Degree seeking students with transfer credit hours from a regionally accredited institution will have transfer credits reproduced on their permanent records of The University of Southern Mississippi. 

Reason for Policy/Purpose

This policy is required for the effective communication of university policy regarding the transfer of credit. 

Who Needs to Know This Policy


All members of The University of Southern Mississippi community. 

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Credit hours transferred from regionally accredited institutions are reproduced on the permanent records of The University of Southern Mississippi. This action is evidence that the credits are considered valid. Validity, however, is not to be confused with applicability.


Applicability of transfer work depends upon the coincidence of transfer credits with the requirement of a particular curriculum. Applicability varies from curriculum to curriculum, not only for transfer students from other institutions but for students transferring from one school or curriculum to another within The University of Southern Mississippi. Applicability is determined by the department chair and the dean of the college to which one is admitted. Transfer hours passed will be accepted. To meet graduation requirements, transfer students must have an overall C average, calculated by the method currently in use at The University of Southern Mississippi, on all hours scheduled and rescheduled at The University of Southern Mississippi. Acceptance of community or junior college work is limited to one-half of the total requirements for graduation in a given curriculum.


A maximum of 50 percent of the hours applied to a degree earned through credit by examination, independent study courses, extension courses and educational experiences in the armed forces combined may be counted toward a degree at The University of Southern Mississippi. No more than 30 semester hours in a degree program may be earned through credit by examination.


While enrolled at The University of Southern Mississippi, a student is required to obtain written approval from his or her department to enroll in a course(s) at another institution. Without this approval, the course(s) may not apply toward his or her degree.


The University of Southern Mississippi only awards undergraduate credit for noncredit military courses and educational experiences, and for performances on three standardized tests: College Level Examination Program (CLEP), Advanced Placement Test (AP) and International Baccalaureate Test (IB). A maximum of 50 percent of the hours applied to a degree may be earned by a combination of independent study and military experience and then applied toward an undergraduate degree. The process for evaluating and accepting such credit is outlined below. Graduate students may not receive credit for any noncredit courses and educational experiences or test credit.


Students from fully accredited institutions ordinarily will be given full credit for work transferred into the university, insofar as the courses taken are the same as, or equivalent to, courses offered in the college in which the student enrolls at this institution.


Credits transferred from accredited community or junior college will be accepted as determined by the college in which the student is enrolled. In accepting community or junior college credits, no courses will be considered above sophomore level.


Neither vocational nor developmental or remedial courses will be accepted for degree credit. Technical credits will be accepted up to a certain number of hours. These credits are based on recommendations from the chair of the department. Institutional credit based on acceptable nationally standardized tests is only transferable and will only be considered if official records of individual test scores are available.




The Office of Admissions is charged with the responsibility of providing transferring students and their advisers with transcript evaluations on a timely basis. An official transcript evaluation will be completed only after all the required official documents necessary for the applicant's admission to the university have been received by the Office of Admissions and the student has registered for orientation. For the convenience of both the student and adviser, an unofficial transcript evaluation will be provided to assist in advising and in the procurement of Financial Aid and Veterans Administration benefits, upon request. An official transcript evaluation may be delayed for students who do not meet established orientation/preview registration deadlines. 


Director of Admissions for Operations is responsible for the review of this policy every four years (or whenever circumstances require immediate review). 







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04/3/13: Formatted for template. Minor editing throughout. 





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