Policy STUA-PM-003


Responsible University Administrator:Vice President for Finance and Administration
Responsible Officer:Director of Parking Management
Origination Date:N/A
Current Revision Date:08/12/16
Next Review Date:07/15/17
End of Policy Date:N/A
Policy Number:STUA-PM-003



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Policy Statement

Regulations have been established to provide for the orderly movement and parking of bicycles/motorcycles on campuses and teaching/research sites. In using bicycles/motorcycles on a campus, the rights and safety of others should be considered at all times. 


Reason for Policy/Purpose

This policy is required for the effective communication of university policy regarding bicycle and motorcycle operation and parking on campus. 


Who Needs to Know This Policy

All members of The University of Southern Mississippi community.  


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Bicycles/motorcycles shall follow state and local regulations governing movement and operation.

Bicycle/motorcycle riders are subject to the same rules and regulations as motor vehicle operators and should ride on the right-hand side of the street, obey all traffic signals and signs, and give proper hand/mechanical signals.

Operating any vehicle, motorcycle, motorbike or bicycle during hours of darkness without proper headlights, tail lights or reflectors is forbidden.

All operators of motorcycles, motorbikes or similar types of cycles and all passengers of these vehicles are required to wear helmets while the vehicle is in operation.

All operators of any type of motor vehicle or bicycle shall yield right-of-way to emergency vehicles and pedestrians.

Bicycles/motorcycles will be parked and secured to bicycle/motorcycle racks/pads only (applies only to Hattiesburg and Gulf Park campuses at this time).

Bicycles/motorcycles may not be operated, secured, chained or parked inside buildings, near doorways or entrances to buildings, on sidewalks, handicap ramps, handrails, light poles, fence/sign posts, stairwells, shrubs, trees, lawns, in pedestrian paths, in any location impeding pedestrian and vehicular movement, or in such a way as to create a hazard.

Abandoned bicycles/motorcycles will be picked up and impounded at regular intervals. Bicycles/motorcycles may be considered abandoned if they are not moved or relocated within 30 days or are not in operable condition.

The University assumes no responsibility for the care and protection of any bicycles/motorcycles or attached accessories or contents at any time the bicycle/motorcycle is operated or parked on a campus.

Failure to comply with these rules and regulations will result in impoundment of bicycles/motorcycles, fines and towing. Neither the University nor its representatives will be held liable for any damage that occurs during removal or impoundment procedures. Bicycles will be removed or impounded by the University Police Department and assessed a $25 fine. Motorcycles will be towed by the Department of Parking Management and assessed a $100 fine.

Motorcycles may be claimed with proof of ownership at the Department of Parking Management, and bicycles may be claimed with proof of ownership by contacting the University Police Department during regular business hours, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. After 5 p.m., all motorcycles/bicycles must be claimed at the University Police Department with proof of ownership. After 60 days, unclaimed bicycles may be disposed of or auctioned off.

The University Police Department does offer summer bicycle storage. For more information, contact UPD at 601.266.4986.

Bicycle/Motorcycle Permits

Permit Cost - $20 per academic year

Permit Cost - $50 non-expiring

Bicycles/motorcycles operated or possessed on a campus or teaching/research site must have a current permit number.

To register a bicycle, registrant must have the serial number from the bike. This may be found in several places on the bikes, depending on the make and model. The most common location for bike serial numbers is under the seat and underneath the pedals. Be sure to know the make, model, color and style (male or female) of the bicycle.

Motorcycle registration will follow the same process as vehicle registration. Make, model, color and tag number will be required.



The Director of Parking Management is responsible for the review of this policy every year (or whenever circumstances require immediate review).. 








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