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Policy STUA-PM-005

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Responsible University Administrator: Vice President for Finance and Administration
Responsible Officer: Director of Parking Management
Origination Date: 07/13/16
Current Revision Date:  
Next Review Date: 07/15/17
End of Policy Date: N/A
Policy Number: STUA-PM-005
Status: Effective




Policy Statement

The University of Southern Mississippi Department of Parking Management (DPM) utilizes license plate recognition hardware and software (“LPR”) for parking enforcement and access control. 


Reason for Policy/Purpose

This policy is required for the effective communication of university policy regarding license plate recognition on campus. 


Who Needs to Know This Policy

All members of The University of Southern Mississippi community.  


Website Address for this Policy






LPR data is collected on The University of Southern Mississippi streets and parking lots. This includes the Hattiesburg campus (generally bounded by W. Seventh Street to the north, Hardy Street to the south, U.S. Highway 49 to the east, and N. 38th Avenue to the west) and other locations, including, but not limited to, the Gulf Park campus and the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory (Halstead and Cedar Point locations) teaching/research site. DPM uses a combination of fixed-point cameras and mobile vehicle-mounted systems, which are driven by trained personnel in parking locations throughout the University.

Data Collected

The LPR system captures two photos of observed vehicles: (1) a context photo of the vehicle and its immediate surroundings and (2) a photo of the license plate. Typically, these photos are taken from the rear of the vehicle, although there are occasions where a photo is taken from the front. The photos are not of a resolution that allows identification of the vehicle occupants. Along with the photographic data, the system also records the global positioning system coordinates and date/time information of the captured image. Further software processing of the license plate image generates an alphanumeric version of the license plate number, which is also stored with the record.

Use of Data

The intended use of data collected by the LPR system is for parking access control, parking enforcement and law enforcement investigations. LPR data is used to determine a vehicle’s access permissions in a given parking area and support the issuance of parking citations. The data is also used by The University of Southern Mississippi Police Department (UPD) in conducting ongoing criminal investigations and complaints. The data collected will also be used for parking and campus access metrics, as well as capacity, zoning and traffic planning for the University.

Data Retention

Data collected by the LPR system on vehicles not in violation of parking regulations will be retained for 45 days. Data collected on vehicles in violation of parking regulations, but not cited, will be retained for 180 days. Data collected that results in a citation will be retained in conjunction with the citation for a minimum of seven years. 

Access to Records

Access to records created and maintained by the LPR system is restricted to trained DPM personnel performing their duties and a limited number of law enforcement personnel. All personnel with access to the system use unique identifiers and passwords to access records, and all login, record additions, and other activity is logged. Access to the system by others is prohibited.

Public Records Requests

Records created and maintained by the LPR system may be subject to production under the Mississippi Public Records Act. Persons requesting such records may have the right to inspect or obtain a copy thereof subject to certain procedures pertaining to cost, time, place and method of access.

Determining What Data We Have About You

Students, faculty, staff and affiliates with Campus ID credentials may view information we have regarding their vehicles at any time via the customer portal at Visitors and other parties with customer portal accounts can access their records via the website at any time or contact DPM for a copy of their records if they do not have an account.

Public Notification

DPM will notify the public of its LPR data collection activities and policies via

  • Posting of a privacy policy on the DPM website,
  • Publishing of this LPR privacy policy in the Parking Management Operating Policy Manual, and
  • Annual notice published in The Student Printz, Hattiesburg American, Sun Herald and Ocean Springs Gazette newspapers in conjunction with the notice of enactment of the Rules and Regulations.



The Director of Parking Management is responsible for the review of this policy every year (or whenever circumstances require immediate review).








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