Policy STUA-RES-037

Responsible University Administrator:Vice President for Student Affairs
Responsible Officer:Director of Student Housing Administration
Origination Date:N/A
Current Revision Date:03/15/13
Next Review Date:03/15/17
End of Policy Date:N/A
Policy Number:STUA-RES-037



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Policy Statement


Any organization wishing to hang signs in residence halls must have the request approved before posting the signs.


Reason for Policy/Purpose

This policy is required for the effective communication of university policy regarding signs in the residence halls.


Who Needs to Know This Policy

All students of The University of Southern Mississippi community living on campus.


Website Address for this Policy







All signage intended to be displayed in a residence hall by registered student organizations must be approved by the Residence Hall Association prior to posting. The signage policy and request form are available at eduprod.usm.edu/residence-life/residence-hall-association or in the RHA Center, which is located in the basement of Mississippi Hall. Signage from departments other than Residence Life or from off-campus organizations should be submitted for approval to the Department of Residence Life central office located in Hickman Hall.


No signage, posters, banners or flyers may be placed, taped, glued or hung on the exterior of any residence hall building. No signage, posters, banners or flyers may be placed in/on trees or bushes within view of residence hall buildings. No signage may be placed on fences or gates adjacent to residence hall or sorority house facilities. Inside the residence halls, the use of nails, staples, glue or double-sided tape is not allowed. Never hang or affix any item to the sprinkler heads or smoke detectors.


The Director of Student Housing Administration is responsible for the review of this policy every four years (or whenever circumstances require immediate review).



Sign request form is available at www.usm.edu/residence-life/residence-hall-association or in the RHA Center in the basement of Mississippi Hall.






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