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Social Science and Medicine Minor

Social Science and Medicine Minor

The Social Science and Medicine minor allows you to dive deeper into the complex social aspects of medicine and how it impacts healthcare and those receiving it.  

This minor will illustrate how the understanding of cultural contexts can help facilitate effective health care, and showing how applications of cultural, social, and economic frameworks in clinical settings can enhance the well-being of both patients and providers. You will examine health and illness from an integrated, social science perspective. 

What Will I Learn?

You will learn to identify and analyze the social, behavioral, and cultural factors that influence how people from diverse backgrounds perceive and experience health and illness. After taking our course offerings, you will:

  • Understand the cultural implications of healthcare experiences;
  • Become equipped to enter and navigate the healthcare system;
  • Understand the social context of health in our society; and
  • Understand how economic and social forces affect health outcomes.

Faculty Affiliates


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Career Pathways 

The minor is attractive for students in pre-health professions studies. Medical schools are very competitive and are looking for well-rounded students who have experience related to diversity and cultural competency.

However, if you are a student in the social sciences, you would also gain knowledge and experience that would help to pursue careers in community health research, advocacy and development in the government and non-profit sectors. 

The program benefits those looking to go into positions involving primary care of patients or roles of patient advocacy and navigating the health care system. 


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