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Women's and Gender Studies - About Us


Women's and Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary field that draws ideas, information, and methods from many traditional academic disciplines to explore the important role of gender throughout society. It examines how gender organizes knowledge and is embedded in our social institutions, including politics, economics, education, religion, and the family, and explores how gender influences people’s everyday lives.

Women’s and Gender Studies seeks to acknowledge and understand the contributions of women to human cultures while also taking a broader, far-reaching lens to consider the role played by gender as a social category. Courses in Women's and Gender Studies often examine the relationships between gender, race, class, and sexuality in addition to integrating perspectives from global feminisms and transnationalism. Women's and Gender Studies courses are for all students — male and female, white students and students of color, middle class and working class, straight and LGBTQI — who are interested in gaining new insight into gender issues.

At The University of Southern Mississippi, the Women's and Gender Studies (WGS) Program offers both an undergraduate and a graduate minor. In addition to courses specific to the program (such as Introduction to Women's Studies, Special Topics in Women's Studies, and African Women Writers), we offer classes in a variety of academic areas, from sociology to literature, nursing to human performance, theatre and dance to speech communication, history, and political science. Specific courses are listed under the appropriate program.

For more information on the WGS minors, student advisement, or becoming a WGS affiliate faculty member, please contact:
Nicolle Jordan, Ph.D., Director of Women's and Gender Studies


The graduate minor in Women’s and Gender Studies is designed to develop the student’s proficiency in a variety of feminist theories and research methodologies at an advanced level. The courses approved for the minor must be listed on the student's official Plan of Study. Since new courses may become available for Women’s and Gender Studies credit in any given semester, the candidate should be advised by the Director of Women’s and Gender Students as well as by the candidate’s major professor.

The program offers both a master's-level minor and a doctoral minor. The requirements for the WGS graduate minor are available in the Graduate Bulletin, including specific coursework, hours, and GPA requirements. 

The undergraduate WGS minor can be paired with any major at the University. The requirements for earning a WGS undergraduate minor are available in the Undergraduate Bulletin, including specific coursework, hours, and GPA requirements.

Aside from the introductory Women's and Gender Studies course, SOC 301, students can choose from a variety of women and gender-related courses in different disciplines to complete their elective courses for the minor. These include the following courses:

  • ANT 452: Language, Gender and Culture
  • CJ 463 / WGS 427: Family Law
  • CJ 464 / WGS 428: Family Violence, Investigation and Deterrence
  • CMS 475: Gender Issues in Speech Communication
  • ENG 468 / WGS 403: British Women Writers
  • ENG 478 / WGS 402: American Women Writers
  • FAM 450: Sexuality in the Family System
  • HIS 328 / WGS 310 : Ancient and Medieval Women
  • HIS 329 / WGS 329: Women in Modern European History
  • HIS 420 / WGS 430: History of Women and War
  • HIS 423 / WGS 423: Gay and Lesbian History
  • HIS 477 / WGS 410: Women in American Society
  • MCJ 355 / WGS 355: Gender, Race, and Media
  • PS 405 / WGS 420: Women and Politics
  • PS 488 / WGS 421: Women and the Law
  • PS 455 / WGS 455: Women and Human Rights
  • SOC 415 / WGS 425: Sociology of Gender
  • WGS 401: African Women Writers
  • WGS 450: Seminar in Women’s and Gender Studies
  • WGS 490: Directed Research in Women’s Studies

Students may also take special topics courses in various disciplines that have been approved by the Director of Women’s and Gender Studies. Since new courses may become available for Women’s and Gender Studies credit in any given semester, the candidate should be advised by the Director of Women’s and Gender Studies.

Affiliate Faculty

Allison Abra

Research/teaching interests: Popular culture, dance, gender and sexuality, globalization, war and society, European women’s history

Jennifer Courts
Art and Design

Research interests: Medieval sex, women and art, women artists

SherRhonda Gibbs
Management and International Business

Research/teaching interests: Entrepreneurship, opportunity recognition, women's entrepreneurship, Black entrepreneurship, organizational behavior, affect, social psychological approaches to entrepreneurship, career choice and boundary theory

Kate Greene
Political Science

Research/teaching interests: Music and politics, public law, women and politics

Bridget Hayden

Research/teaching interests: Globalization; migration; discourses of nationalism, identity, and citizenship; intersectionality; Central America

Andrew Haley

Research/teaching interests: American cultural history; class, gender, and community identities; American women's lives; food; childhood; gender theory; gay and lesbian history; queer theory

Sherita L Johnson

Research interests: African American women writers; race, ethnicity, and gender Studies. Southern cultural studies

Nicolle Jordan

Research/teaching interests: Restoration and 18th-century British literature and culture, history of gardening and landscape, historical ecology, feminist theory, British women writers

Claire Kimberly
Child and Family Studies

Research interests: sexual health, marital communication, gender equality in romantic relationships

Courtney Luckhardt

Research/teaching interests: Europe, early medieval ages, religion, cultural history, travel, ancient and medieval women

Susan Mayfield-Johnson
Public Health

Research/teaching interests: Women's health, health disparities, community health workers, qualitative research, international child sexual trafficking (service internships)

Amy Chasteen Miller

Research/teaching interests: Gender studies, health, childbirth, deviant behavior, culture

Julie Reid

Research/teaching interests: Gender and international development, intersectionality (gender, nation, race, class, and sexuality), education, college hooking up and dating

Andrew Ross

Research/teaching interests: European history, French history, gender and sexuality, sexual regulation, history of sexuality, queer theory

Heather Stur

Research/teaching interests: U.S. foreign relations; gender and war; global Cold War; Vietnam War; impacts of conflict on men, women, families, and national identities

Eric Tribunella

Research/teaching interests: Children's and young adult literature, lesbian and gay literature, queer theory, gender studies, critical theory

Rebecca Tuuri

Research/teaching interests: Black women's organizations in the Civil Rights/Black Power Movements, African American and American history through the lens of intersectionality, identity as affected by race, gender, and sexuality

Ellen Weinauer

Research/teaching interests: American literature (particularly of the 19th century), American women writers, women's and gender studies, law and literature

WGS Application

Southern Miss faculty members who are interested to become a WGS Affiliate or submit a proposal for a course to be included in the WGS curriculum should consult the WGS application form or contact the WGS Director.

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