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Eagle Backup Usage Policy

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Responsible University Administrator: Vice President for
Finance and Administration
Responsible Officer: Chief Information Officer
Origination Date: 12/01/2014
Next Review Date: 11/06/2024
End of Policy Date:

Policy Statement

The University of Southern Mississippi provides workstation backup capabilities for current faculty and staff through Eagle Backup.

Reason for Policy/Purpose

This policy is required for the effective communication of university policy regarding use of Eagle Backup.

Who Needs to Know This Policy

All members of The University of Southern Mississippi (USM) community who use Eagle Backup services.

Website Address for this Policy



1.0 Pricing Options

1.1 The University of Southern Mississippi provides workstation backup capabilities for current faculty, staff  and students through Office 365 OneDrive. Once configured, files will automatically back up from your computer while your computer is turned on and has an internet connection.

1.2 This service is free to University faculty, staff, and students for up to 1TB of data. Extenuating circumstances to increase space available will be evaluated by administration.

2.0 User Responsibility

2.1 Individual users/persons utilizing Eagle Backup services are responsible for the following:

a. Verifying that their backups are being executed as expected;

b. Notifying the Help Desk for assistance if requested quota is exceeded or if backups cease to occur.

3.0 Maximum Number of Devices

3.1 The maximum number of devices per user account allowed to use Eagle Backup services is five (5).

3.2 Additional user accounts are not supported; one user account per employee.

4.0 Mobile Device Client Option

4.1 While a user’s mobile devices cannot be backed up, these devices will have access to view all data backed up from a workstation under his/her user profile with the OneDrive mobile application.

4.2 If a mobile device is stolen, all data for that user profile is accessible by the person that has taken control of that mobile device if the mobile device security has been compromised.

5.0 Backup-up Schedule

6.1 The devices using Eagle Backup are backed up continuously while connected to the internet.

6.0 Data Retention

6.1 If a person deletes a file from a workstation that utilizes Eagle Backup services, the deleted file can be restored for up to 30 days before the file is no longer available.

7.0 Files Eligible for Backup

7.1 The OneDrive application allows the user to choose Desktop Folder, Documents Folder, and/or Pictures Folder to be synchronized to the cloud. All files in those folders are kept up to date.

8.0 Prohibited Files

8.1 Individuals must not use the service for the following types of files:

a. Files that are prohibited by law;

b. Files which contain Protected Health Information as defined in 45 CFR 160.103, where ‘CFR’ means ‘Code of Federal Regulations’;

c. Files which contains the full primary account number of a payment card;

d. Files containing unencrypted CampusID password or other University account authentication details;

e. Malicious Software.

9.0 Restoring Files

9.1 Users will be able to restore a file from the workstation backup in the following ways:

a. through the OneDrive client recycle bin; or

b. through the assistance of the Help Desk (601.266.HELP (4357))

10.0 Service Limitations

10.1 Southern Miss iTech cannot be held responsible for loss of information or files.


The Chief Information Officer is responsible for the review of this policy every four years (or whenever circumstances require immediate review).


To request Eagle Backup, submit the Eagle Backup Request Form found on the iTech Self Service Portal.

To request changes to existing Eagle Backup Service, (increase quota, decrease quota, or account delete), submit the Eagle Backup Change Request Form found on the iTech Self Service Portal.

For further information, see the Eagle Backup Services page found here:


Amendments: Month, Day, Year – summary of changes

11/12/2014: Policy developed
02/05/2020: Update to process


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