Software Downloads

Service Description

Software is available for free download or purchase by students, faculty and staff.


Services Offered

Faculty and staff software downloads include Microsoft Office, SPSS, AMOS and System Center Endpoint Protection for Windows 7.
You must be connected to the university network to view free software download options. 

For purchase of software not listed above, contact the Procurement Specialist.

The University offers faculty, staff and students unbeatable academic discounts available for personal software purchases through the Academic Superstore and Campus eStore.



All active university employees and currently enrolled students are eligible.


To request service

Visit Software Downloads and Purchases.



Online download or purchase of software is available 24/7, except for scheduled maintenance periods.


For problems or issues, contact

Procurement Specialist


For further information

Visit Software Downloads and Purchases for more details.


Related charges

The University provides the following software packages free of charge:

  • Microsoft Office (Faculty/Staff only)
  • SPSS and AMOS (Faculty/Staff only)
  • System Center Endpoint Protection (Faculty/Staff Windows 7 users only)

Charges may vary for all other software requests.

iTech no longer provides free software downloads to students.


Service Owner

Nick Williams