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Lake Thoreau Environmental Center

Mountain Biking Rules and Regulations

Lake Thoreau Environmental Center has over 11 miles of mountain biking trails collectively called the Golden Eagle Trail Complex. This complex is a partnership between the mountain biking club, Hub City Velo and the Department of Biological Sciences. The GETC consists of well-maintained off-road trails that meander through the beautiful upland longleaf pine and bottomland hardwood forest. Volunteers and members of Hub City Velo continually construct and maintain these trails, and we are grateful for their support.


Anyone wishing to join Hub City Velo should contact Matt Roland at For more information about Hub City Velo, feel free to visit their facebook page.


Golden Eagle Trail Complex Rules and Regulations:

Hikers Only Sign1) Trails are open for hiking, running, and biking. Please remember that some trails are only accessible for hiking. Look for signs like the one shown right to determine whether or not a trail is accessible. 

2) Bikers must wear helmets and eye protection.

3) Ride only on approved trails.

4) Always yield.  Pass with care and keep your speed to a slow safe pace.  Approach each bend as if someone were around the corner.  Pay extra attention when crossing the Longleaf Trace.

5) Leave no trace.  Do not ride when ground is soft.  Never ride off trail.  Never skid your tires.  Never discard any object.

6) Trails are only open during daylight hours.

7) No motorized vehicles allowed.

8) All pets must be leashed.

9) No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs allowed on the property.

Sensitive Research Zone Sign10) Do not enter any trail or area that is clearly marked with a 'Sensitive Research Zone' sign. 

11) Plan ahead.  Know your equipment, your ability, the weather forecast, and the area in which you are riding.

12) Beware of biting insects, poisonous plants, and venomous snakes.  Harming or killing of venomous snakes is not allowed.

13) Access to the property and trails are only allowed during posted hours.  Please see our Hours of Operation.


14) The University of Southern Mississippi and its subsidiary units, including employees, departments, centers and colleges, are not responsible for any damages, injuries or deaths that occur during normal and approved use of the Golden Eagle Trail Complex.

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