OLLI offers classes that meet the needs and schedules of active adults. Our calendar mirrors the university's academic calendar. We divide the Fall and Spring semesters into two 5-week terms and offer one 5-week term in the Summer. Fall terms begin in September and October. The Spring terms begin in February and March. The Summer term runs during June and July. During each term we offer three different kind of learning experiences: classes, seminars, and field trips. All Hattiesburg classes and seminars are held at the Peck House or Asbury Annex (unless otherwise indicated). Gulf Park classes are held in the Fleming Education Center, unless otherwise indicated.

5-Week Classes
Classes are two hours each and meet once a week, however exercise classes are one hour in length and meet twice a week. Class fees are $20. Computer class fees are $25. Previous topics have included:100 Years of Hattiesburg History, Investments, Conversations in African American Literature, and Introduction to Computing.

2 Hour (or 4 Hour) Seminars
Seminars meet just once in a five week term and are two hours in length. Occasionally we have a two-part seminar which meets a total of 4 hours.

Field Trips
Field Trips are planned each year. They range in length from one day to one week. Costs vary.

Friday Lecture Series
In the Spring and Fall of 2015, OLLI has hosted Friday lecture series for its members. These lectures take place over the lunch hour and are a chance for members to engage in topics of interest in a venue larger than most classes or seminars allow. We are currently hosting a Travel Series led by natives or frequent travelers to a number of international destinations. For Spring 2016, we'll be turning our Annex into a Movie Theater on Fridays for an eight-week slate of films from, about, or influenced by the Big Band Era.