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McNair Scholars Program

Why Choose McNair?


The McNair Scholars Program is activism at work! The primary goal of the program is to increase the number of doctoral degrees amongst minority populations and underrepresented groups in the academy. We prioritize the realities of each Scholar to help chart individualized pipelines to their desired Ph.D. goal.

The unique experiences of our Scholars demonstrate our committed fight to expand the impact of minorities in the field of research and beyond. Apply today to join a global network of America's top Scholars and gain:

o   $4,200 stipend                                            

o   FREE GRE prep and test waivers

o   Graduate fee and comprehensive exam waivers

o   Traveling opportunities and cultural experiences

o   Professional and career development workshops

o   One-on-one research experience with McNair mentor

o   Academic publication and presentations

o   Graduate experience and preparation

o   Individualized tutoring and mentorship

o   Life-long access to McNair resources and network

o   Social support and networking opportunities

application deadline: October 13, 2023

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McNair Scholars Program

138 JB George Hall
Hattiesburg Campus

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