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School of Media and Communication

Jim Cameron

Jim Cameron’s broadcasting career spans four decades, beginning with his involvement at the Southern Miss campus radio station as a freshman.  He worked his way through school as a disc-jockey and announcer on commercial radio, and he became a radio station manager at the age of 24.  He has managed five radio stations and has spent over 25 years at WDAM-TV, the NBC affiliate for Laurel-Hattiesburg.  He was named to his current position as vice president and general manager of WDAM in 1992.  He has served numerous terms on the board of directors of the Mississippi Association of Broadcasters and is a past chairman of that organization.  He was named a lifetime member of MAB in 2003 for “outstanding contributions to broadcasting in Mississippi.”  Cameron has also been an active member of the National Association of Broadcasters and completed NAB’s prestigious Broadcast Management and Issues course at Northwestern University.  He taught several broadcasting courses as an adjunct professor at Southern Miss.  He is best known to television viewers in the Pine Belt for his regular editorials and commentaries on the “Viewpoint” segment of WDAM News, for which he has won numerous awards. He holds a degree in radio-television-film and journalism from Southern Miss.  He was inducted into the MCJ Hall of Fame in 2011.