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Computer Requirements

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 Computer Requirements


Public Relations and Advertising and Journalism students are required to own an Apple or PC laptop computer with at least 16 gigs of ram and loaded with Microsoft Office and the Adobe Creative Suite.  (We recommend but do not require Apple computers.)  Students may also need to purchase an external hard drive to accommodate video production software.  Students must be in possession of the laptop before enrolling 300 and 400 level MCJ skills courses. 


We recommend that students purchase a warranty like Apple Care to protect their laptops.  Though the Apple Care warranty provides students with some protection, we strongly recommend that students purchase insurance for theft or accidental damage through his or other, similar sites:


Students who qualify for financial aid can apply for a one-time technology loan to use toward the purchase of the required computer and software. To apply for the technology loan, students should contact the Office of Financial Aid for more details concerning the process. As part of the application process, students can pick up a letter that verifies the computer requirement and their enrollment in the school by coming to College Hall 106. 

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