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Interested in minoring in music? 

HCS Strings


A minor in music will help you grow in your musicianship, while you pursue another college major. Explore your own potential—engage your creative and social side performing in ensembles and taking studio lessons and academic classes. As you minor in music you will further your knowledge of music, people, and culture through a focus of study in fundamentals, music theory, and the history of music. The music minor on your transcript tells future employers that you are a disciplined and multifaceted individual. 


 Top 5 reasons you should minor in music:
  1. Develop your love of music during your college years
  2. Hone music skills that will help you remain musically active throughout your life
  3. Stay connected to the musical community and foster relationships with other musicians
  4. Build a multifaceted resume and document your creative side
  5. Connect music to a variety of fields, including history, health care, theater, education, communications, psychology and sports management


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