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Payment of tuition is due at the time of registration for all students, except those requiring teacher placement. 

Tuition Payment(s) Schedule

Option I Single (1) payment per semester
August 7, 2023 Annual registration fee and Fall semester tuition
January 8, 2024 Spring semester tuition


Option II Two (2) equal tuition payments per semester
August 7, 2023    Annual registration fee and 1st Fall semester tuition payment
October 2, 2023 2nd Fall semester tuition payment
January 8, 2024    1st Spring semester tuition payment
March 4, 2024      2nd Spring semester tuition payment


If you wish to discuss other payment options please contact:

Sue Price
Southern Miss Piano Institute Administrator
Phone: 601.329.3537

Late Payment Policy

A $20.00 late fee will be assessed on accounts for which payments are received after the above due dates. Late payments may also result in suspended lessons and forfeiture of a place in an instructor’s studio.

Tuition will be prorated for new students entering the Southern Miss Piano Institute program after a semester has begun. The annual registration fee of $30.00, required of all students, is applicable at the point at which a student registers in the program.

Method of Payment and Return Check Policy

Tuition payment may be made through personal check, money order, or cash.  All checks should be made payable to USM SCHOOL OF MUSIC.

A $35.00 charge will be assessed for any check returned by the bank.

Withdrawal Policy

All requests for withdrawal must be made in writing to the SMPI Administrator. Although the $30.00 registration fee is nonrefundable, a portion of tuition may be refunded to students who withdraw from the SMPI program. Any claim for such refund will be based on the date of which the student officially withdraws.  

Tuition Refund Policy Refund Percent
Prior to the first lesson/class 100%
Prior to the second lesson/class 80%
Prior to the third lesson/class 60%
After the third week of semester None 

Note: Persons using the payment option #2 are not eligible for tuition refunds after the first lesson or class.

Lesson/Class Attendance and Makeup Policy

  • Lesson times will be arranged with the instructor.
  • Lessons will not be extended in order to accommodate for late arrival on the part of the student.
  • The instructor is not obligated to make up or reschedule lessons missed by the student. However, for lessons missed due to serious illness or other unforeseen circumstance, consideration may be given only if ample prior notification has been made directly to the instructor.
  • Lessons missed by the instructor will be rescheduled.
  • Lesson times falling on major holidays may be rescheduled as necessary.
  • In the event of a pandemic, natural disaster, or weather-related event which forces the teaching of lessons using non-traditional methods, an alternative teaching method will be used. If you choose not to accept the alternative teaching method, a refund of tuition will not be possible. Under these circumstances, lessons will not be made up.  

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